Whether the ghost exist or not has always been a question. It is true that we have always denied their existence, but there are many people who have experienced this fear. In real life, there are many places where people have actually experienced this fear and its not just one person talking about it there are many such people who have gone through the same phase of horror.


Askiguru has discovered 7 Most Haunted Places In India:

1.Jamali-Kamali Mosque

In this mosque located at the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, there is the grave of two Sufi saints named Jamali-Kamali. People have complained of happening of ominous events late in the night, many a times.

7 Most Haunted Places In India - Askiguru


2.Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai

It is said that the architect designing the hotel had died inside the hotel because the hotel was not designed the way he wanted. People have often complained that the architect of the hotel wanders in the corridor of the hotel.

7 Most Haunted Places In India - Askiguru


3.Grand Parade Towers, Mumbai

This is the most famous haunted place in Mumbai. It is believed that many people here have committed suicide.

7 Most Haunted Places In India - Askiguru


4.D'Souza Chawl, Mumbai

Located in the Mahim area, there is a well in the middle of this chawl. It is said that once a woman went to take water from the well and she died after falling into that well. Since then, people stay away from going around this well.

7 Most Haunted Places In India - Askiguru


5.Tunnel-33, Shimla

It is said about this tunnel that the soul of an English engineer wanders in it. Although this soul is considered to be friendly it is advised not to go there.

7 Most Haunted Places In India - Askiguru


6.Lothian Cemetery, Delhi

This cemetery is more than 200 years old. It is believed that the soul of an English soldier Sir Nicholas wanders here, who loved an Indian woman but that women turned out to be happily married to someone else and this broke Sir Nicholas heart and he killed himself by shooting himself in the head.

7 Most Haunted Places In India - Askiguru


7.Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie

In the year 1910, a woman died in strange situations in this hotel. It is believed that since then, his soul is searching for his criminal in this hotel.

7 Most Haunted Places In India - Askiguru


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