Military machines are the draw-dropping efforts of engineering and design. Awesome machines carefully crafted and planned out for years before being expertly constructed. They are also terrifying. They can bring about massive devastation and tragedy.


They are super expensive epitome of paradox; high-tech machines of war designed to ensure peace. While we all hope they are never needed to fire shots in anger, these military vehicles are undoubtedly amazing.


Now let’s talk about some military innovations in the past. A mere 200 years ago, the British Empire was the overriding superpower thanks to rifled muskets and wooden ships. How the minds of military masters of the past would boggle upon setting eyes on today’s cutting edge military technology.


Askiguru has discovered the 7 Most Expensive Military Machines


1.F-22 Raptor

It is the most high-priced and technologically high-tech jet fighter on the market, the raptor is America’s Top Gun. These ultrasonic jets can be seen at airshows, completely astounding large crowds of viewers. Basically it is used to shoot down enemy aircraft before they even see the raptor in the skies. But with a barrage of different weapons it can take in ground attacks, electronic battle, precision weapons engagement, and good degree of stealth. Each unit costs taxpayers 150 Million dollars but with air quality in mind, Moreover, continuous efforts are been taken by US and it has planned to build more around 528 of these jet fighters for a total cost of 79 Billion! Making it a huge program. There have been a few crashes already but the pilots were able to make it out of the craft ok with no injuries.

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2.Varyag/Liaoning Aircraft Carrier – $2.4 Billion

No machine on this list has quite as engrossing a backstory as the aircraft carrier now known as Liaoning. Originally laid down in 1985 for the Soviet Navy as the Kuznetsov-class aircraft cruiser Riga, she was launched on 4 December 1988 and renamed Varyag in 1990. After the liquefaction of the Soviet Union in 1991, construction was halted and the ship was put up for sale by Ukraine. The stripped hulk was purchased in 1998 and towed to the Dalian naval shipyard in northeast China. Chong Lot Travel Agency, a travel agency based in Hong Kong, bought the Varyag for a cut-rate price of $20 million with an avowed intention to moor it in Macau and turn it into some kind of floating hotel and casino. This despite the fact that officials in Macau stated before the sale that they would not permit such an action. Chong Lot still bought it and did nothing with it. Because of the complex structure of the Chinese government and Chinese businesses, it's unclear exactly what happened next, but the Varyag ended up being docked in the northeastern city of Dalian. There it was renamed Liaoning and became the first commissioned aircraft carrier in the People’s Liberation Army Navy, the Chinese navy.

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3.Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

Costing around $22 million per unit the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle had its fifteen minutes of honour when 2008 presidential candidate John McCain presented the Advanced Amphibious Assault vehicle as the basis for a costly program that was wasting billions of taxpayer dollars. This Fighting Vehicle is self-deploying and can carry 17 fully equipped troops or supplies ashore. It is intended for a forced entry into the semi aquatic areas and provide firepower support. The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle is manufactured by General Dynamics. It was manufactured for a project which has cost around $18 billion.

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4.Virginia Class Submarine – $2.688 Billion

The Virginia class submarine is a new grade of nuclear attack submarine. It was developed and designed with the aim of use for a variety of missions, including both knee-deep and deep water combat as well as stealth. Powered by a nuclear reactor, the Virginia Class vessel includes four torpedo tubes as well as twelve vertical missile launchers. These are capable of launching up to 16 cruise missiles in a single burst. The Virginia-class attack submarine is the U.S. Navy’s newest undersea battle platform and incorporates the latest in stealth, intelligence gathering and weapons systems technology.

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5. Mine Resistant Ambush Protected

Imagine, finally being able to drive a vehicle without having to worry about landmines or IED’s! Our boys in Iraq would be very thankful! Many Humvees were destroyed during the Iraq wars from IED’s and now it seem that the military has a solution. Not only is it bulletproof, but the roadside bombs will no longer prove to be an issue! Also known as the MRAP, these vehicles are designed in South Africa. The US eventually spent $50 Billion dollars on the project to to make these mine proof as an emergency type effort in 2007. Production of MRAP vehicles officially ended in 2012. They quickly ordered a mass production of 10,000 MRAP’s in 2007. You break it down, they cost atleast $500,000 each!

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6.Hms Queen Elizabeth

One of the top ship of the Queen Elizabeth-class of aircraft carrier is the HMS Queen Elizabeth. It is still yet to be authorized, but it is the largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy and it is capable of carrying as many as forty aircraft. Named by Queen Elizabeth II (not for herself, but for the first Queen Elizabeth) on 4 July 2014, it is scheduled to be formally licensed in May 2017. The HMS Queen Elizabeth was designed with flexibility in mind, accommodating up to 250 Royal Marines and has the capability of supporting them with both attack helicopters and troop transports. The ship cost £3.0 billion (3.4 billion euros, USD 3.8 billion) to build in a project employing 10,000 people and will be the country's future flagship.


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7.Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

Cost: $122 million per unit

The F-35 Lightning II was formed as part of a joint program between the US, the UK and other allies known as the Joint Strike Fighter program. It was formulated for use in air, ground and reconnaissance missions, it has a wingspan of 35 feet and a length of over 51 feet. Its inner fuel capacity is over 18,000 pounds and it can reach speeds of 1,200mph. With stealth technology, modern sensors, weapons capacity and range, the F-35 is the most lethal, survivable and connected fighter aircraft ever built. More than a fighter jet, the F-35’s ability to collect, study and share data is a powerful force multiplier enhancing all airborne, surface and ground-based assets in the battle space and enabling men and women in uniform to execute their mission and come home safe.

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