We all have those restaurant excursions that are just not enjoyable for one reason or another. The food might be great at some restaurants, but maybe the menus out there were confusing or the waiter was rude in his behavior or you were cramped in a small booth the whole time. Let’s have a glare on dining out faux that probably have ruined a restaurant for you.


It's one of the important rules in real estate and in any restaurants as well. We all prefer to eat out at a place which is nearby and convenient to travel to, and in an area in which we feel safe and comfortable in. Some restaurants are located at a very wrong location in the middle of nowhere for some reason, which provide a less-than-desirable atmosphere.


Of course you go out to eat for the food, but the other big part of it is the ambience of the restaurant. If you're not comfortable in the restaurant, then there is no use coming to it instead you might have just made something at home and eaten comfortably. Restaurants with tables too close together, small booths, or any type of other discomforts ensure that customers won't be back.


The menu is one of the most important ways that a restaurant communicates with the customer. If the menu is bent, greasy, old, or gross in some way, it will send a negative message to the customer. Also, if it's overloaded with hundreds of food options, then it will  be more confusing for anyone to understand and to choose some particular dish and also time-consuming than it actually needs to be.


You should have always been treated your waiter good, but sometimes you'll get a server who is not good enough to you or maybe he is having a bad day or maybe just not a nice person. Unfortunately, a waiter who does not bother to listen to your order or bring you the right food can ruin your meal.


More common than angry waiters, which is thankfully not common, are waiters who just want to get your order as quickly as possible without paying attention to. They may skip the orders, or read them too quick to hear, and don't seem interested in offering suggestion on special dishes.


It seems so bizarre for a restaurant in the 21st century to not have an online presence, but there are still some which don't. This is bad for varied reasons, including the fact that most people will want to look up a menu or other information about a new restaurant before they go try it out.


You'd probably love to try the restaurant, only if you knew what it looked liked and by reading its review online! Restaurants become popular and grab more customers attention needs to be constantly thinking for new promotions, coupons, special deals, or other ways to get customers in the door.