The small things we do on a regular basis can affect our smartphone in different ways with actual consequences, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 event. To not blast your phone on you, here are some simple rules that you need to remember.


Askiguru has discovered 7 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Phone:


1.Leaving It On The Window Or Table

Even sunlight directly from a window can make your phone overheat. While your phone device won’t effect visibly, heating hits hard on the phone’s battery and productivity —it can harm the system's chip too.

7 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Phone - Askiguru


2.Plugging It In Carelessly

Have you ever observe yourself plugging your phone in blindly before going to bed, jamming the USB plug into it incautiously and with force? Well, this reduces the life of your charger. Electrical contacts are more delicate than the ways we understand them.

7 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Phone - Askiguru


3. Not Updating The Software

This is the hardware that acts as the "body" of your phone, and the software acts as its brain and soul. Downloading software from unreliable sources can cause the phone to get spoiled, shut down, or as a result all your personal information can be transferred to an unknown person.

7 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Phone - Askiguru


4. Not Cleaning The Inside Of Your Phone

DO not avoid cleaning your phone from inside – loads of dust and small pieces of garbage and dirt from your pockets and bags can make your way into your phone and obstruct the internal work of the device. If you are bad at dealing with technology, ask the professional for help.

7 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Phone - Askiguru


5.Holding Your Phone In Your Hand On The Street

Figuratively, 40% of stolen iPhones last year were stolen while their owner had them out on the street while speaking on it via speakerphone. It is absolutely necessary for you to be careful and use a headset to talk when you’re on a crowded street.

7 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Phone - Askiguru


6.Putting It In a Bag Without a Cover

The cover is not just a fashion statement, but it genuinely helps protect your phone from being filled with dirt and particles that compile at the bottom of your bag. All of this, mixed with the insides of your phone, will make the phone overheat and can cause it to go bad.

7 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Phone - Askiguru


7.Leaving It In a Back Pocket

Keeping your phone in your back pocket promotes the chances of it being stolen and broken-down while you are visiting the powder room or merely sitting down. Remember how the iPhone 6 release was spoiled by phones bending in the back pockets of their owners? This can happen to any slim smartphone.


7 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Phone - Askiguru



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