Till date, about 900 thousand insect species have been discovered and about one million insect species are being explored. When a "cockroach" is seen by humans, a human's sarcasm turns out to be scary. However, some insects look like cockroaches, but they can be very fatal and dangerous for life.


Here, Askiguru have listed the 7 Deadliest Insects Around The World:


1.Black Widow Spider

Approximately the size of a paper clip and the poison with 15 times stronger than the rattlesnake, this black spider can be seen with a red mark on its stomach. The red marks are in the shape of an hourglass. Black widow spiders can survive in the wild for 1-3 years and are often found alone.

7 Deadliest Insects Around The World - Askiguru


2.Red Fire Ants

About ½ inch lengthy and brought by chance by ship from South America, the Red Fire Ant is a beefy type of ant that can bite. Found on golf courses, at picnic grounds, and at playgrounds, Red Fire Ants are very ordinary.

7 Deadliest Insects Around The World - Askiguru


3.Centipedes and Millipedes

Although not poisonous, Millipedes carry poison, which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Centipedes also carry poisons that are not fatal, but can be poisonous to those who are allergic to other types of insects. Both Centipedes and millipedes are worm-like creatures.

7 Deadliest Insects Around The World - Askiguru



Wasps usually have a thin, shiny body but they can often look like honeybees.Unlike Honeybees, when wasps bite their victim they do not lose their stinger, allowing them to sting their victim repeatedly.

7 Deadliest Insects Around The World - Askiguru


Throughout the world, mosquito-borne illness causes more people to die than any other factor. In the United States, mosquitoes can spread various types of encephalitis and can send heart worms to domestic animals such as dogs and cats.

7 Deadliest Insects Around The World - Askiguru


6.Brown Recluse Spider
Brown recluse spiders can be fatal for children younger than 7 years. Displaying a violin-like shape behind them, these spiders can be in color from brownish to yellowish color. Most Brown Recluse Spiders only bite when provoked.

7 Deadliest Insects Around The World - Askiguru



With a crab-like appearance, scorpions are violent and often come out at night. Scorpions like warm, dry climates and are often found in deserts.Take cautiousness when hiking and camping by keeping shoes, blankets, and towels secured indoors. Injury can feel much like a Honeybee bite with moderate swelling or a rash, or may be more serious.

7 Deadliest Insects Around The World - Askiguru



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