Smiling is not only contagious, but also helps in reducing stress instantly, boosts immune system and improves your spoiled mood. And if that isn't enough convincing enough for you to show your pearl whites, consider the obvious fact that smiling is just so attractive! Complimenting someone on their smile “oh, you have a lovely smile!” simply makes their day.


We acquire a natural wisdom as we age, from our various experiences with life. In adult years engaging ourselves in active learning has shown many benefits like increasing our self-esteem, independence from others and improving happiness beyond gaining knowledge. There's no time like right now to pick up that book you've been eyeballing or Google a random fact you're curious about to know and learn.


Meditation is one of the simplest and most rewarding hobbies one can have. It’s not just because it offers a peaceful escape from the endless chaos of modern society. Meditation develops a sense of self and your natural intuition. It relieves you from all the stress, and improves your mood as you proceed through life. Just relax by closing your eyes and enjoy the stress free environment.


A kind and compassionate act is often rewarded in its own way. A kind gesture maybe calling an old friend after years or spending a few hours volunteering at a nearby orphanage  home, regularly doing something kind has profound effects on our minds and our lives. Spending time each day assisting someone else improves longevity, lowers blood pressure and encourage the release of dopamine in the brain, which creates what's known as a "helper's high."


We all like to receive compliments from others, especially when we've worked hard to accomplish something even if it's just picking an outfit for the day for a friend or working on a project at your work place. Giving compliments can be rewarding. Complimenting others genuinely requires attention to the good in our environment, which in turn, increases our own good mood. Complimenting someone eases the social tension and awkwardness, and could even lead to a blooming new friendship!


You meet different people every day, but have you ever noticed them or thought of being friends with them. Certainly one of them catches your attention and you would like to know more about them. Having more friend’s increases belongingness towards one another, boost your self esteem and reduces stress. Meeting new people making new friends expands your networks and you gain more knowledge and experiences into your life.


Most of us don’t usually reward ourselves for major accomplishments like establishing a career, buying a new home or a car, etc. Acknowledging your small achievements with small rewards can help to motivate you and increase your well-being  after all who doesn't like a treat?