Many of us love watching horror movies. And we're totally used to seeing some severely disturbing stuff in horror films and haunted houses. But we never would have thought that the most horrendous images imaginable can be found in the most unpredicted place—right on Google Earth!


Thanks to their street car cameras and satellite imagery, Google has accidentally wobbled upon a wide variety of nightmare-inducing scenes, from impossibly scary ghost towns to potential murders-in-progress.


These images are so freaky we're afeared to use Google apps for directions ever again… if there's even a tenuous chance that an innocent search for a local park or landmark will lead us to alarming sights like these, we're probably better off just staying at home and hiding under our covers!


We at Askiguru has got you all 7 Creepy Google Earth Images That Can Give Nightmares:


1. The broken face on the hillside

The one who created this broken face sculpture," may call it an art, but we just call it traumatizing. If you find yourself walking through the boulevard at the Scheveningen, the busiest place, you seemingly have to be on the lookout for a freaky chunk of a statue's face staring up at you in the middle of a nearby field. The sculpture shouldn’t be out it should be kept in museum, as it looks like the face shard that King Triton blasted off of the Prince Eric statue in Ariel's hidden treasure cave in The Little Mermaid.


7 Creepy Google Earth Images That Can Give Nightmares - Askiguru


2.Alien Women

I really hope this is just a Google Maps glitch. If you're not affluent enough to travel the world, you can get some great ground level shots of them thanks to new Google street view maps. Unfortunately, if you go that route, you'll also stumble upon this alien woman and her insanely disturbing look. Okay, after a bit of research we discovered that this is actually just a glitched-out Google Earth picture. Unluckily, knowing the truth doesn't actually help us unsee this nightmare-inducing image. It's likely going to be burned into our brains and our dreams for the rest of our lives.


7 Creepy Google Earth Images That Can Give Nightmares - Askiguru


3.Threatening Message On Top Of a Building

Creepy stuff like this makes us stick with standard grip maps when we use Google for directions. Someone clearly found out that Google was going to be taking aerial, satellite images of their city and decided to spray paint a terrifying and ominous message on top of a building to frighten the living daylights out of people online. "Come downtown and play," the prankster wrote in black letters large enough to see from space. Well that's a creepy thing to write on the roof of a building. Here's hoping no one jumped on this invitation and went downtown to play, because we'd bet that if anyone did they were never seen again.


7 Creepy Google Earth Images That Can Give Nightmares - Askiguru


4.This dumpster full of mannequins

When Google's street view cars drove through Chile, their cameras captured this image that look like a shot from a horror movie. Someone seemingly thrown-away several unwanted mannequins into the trash, and looking at those mannequins will give you a feel that the mannequins are so upset about it that they're going to come alive at night and seek revenge against the store owner who treated them with such disrespect. Mannequins look innocent enough when they're dressed and on display, but when they're naked and tossed aside like trash… they look utterly terrifying.


7 Creepy Google Earth Images That Can Give Nightmares - Askiguru


5.Giant Inverted Pentagram

Oh. That giant inverted pentagram was must have been created by accident. Yeah that's probably the only thing we can say to hide our fear. What is this bizarre symbol, measuring roughly 1,200 feet (366 meters) in diameter, doing on the side of a desolate lake in northern Kazakhstan? Naturally, many online comments have already linked the site with devil worship, nefarious religious sects or denizens of the underworld. When you go on Google Earth and zoom into the center of the pentagram, you can see two places highlighted by previous visitors—one spot is called Adam, the other, Lucifer. Professional archaeologist Emma Usmanova told LiveScience that it's just "the outline of a park made in the form of a star (a popular symbol during the Soviet era)," but we think this is a clear sign that the Devil is coming.


7 Creepy Google Earth Images That Can Give Nightmares - Askiguru


6.Kids Attacking Gumby

When we were growing up, we absolutely loved Gumby. We watched both of his television series. Nowadays, however, it doesn't seem like kids have much love for the unbelievably flexible humanoid claymation character. Google captured this mildly amusing image of two kids threating a guy in a Gumby costume. One kid is walking towards the Gumby with his fists raised, while the other is preparing to throw his shoes at the poor guy. Gumby clearly looks absolutely horrified and entirely unprepared for their oncoming assault (what is he supposed to do, hit the kids back?), and we hope the Google employee who witnessed this brutal attack eventually stepped in to save him.


7 Creepy Google Earth Images That Can Give Nightmares - Askiguru


7.Greeting Town Visitors With Halloween

Can someone please make it illegal to wear masks outside of Halloween? This can scare the shit out of people. We've never noticed Google street camera cars driving around our hometowns, but there has to be some way to track their locations and ensure you're forever immortalized on Google Earth or Maps. If there's not, this was a very terrifying coincidence. Some poor Google employee seemingly drove into the wrong town, because he was met with a wolfman, Freddy Krueger, some dementor-looking dude and Ghostface. Not exactly the warm welcome he was likely hoping for! These pranksters don't seem to have any fear—two of them are standing mere feet away from the sidewalk, and the other two are right in the middle of the street, ready to jump on unsuspecting cars and kill their drivers.


7 Creepy Google Earth Images That Can Give Nightmares - Askiguru



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