Whether you believe in curses or not, it’s fair to say that there are haunted objects that are exposing some pretty horrible consequences on the people who dare to touch them. Alleged to bring bad luck, poverty, illness or even death, cursed objects have always attracted people who enjoy the scary side of life. Many things have been reported to be possessed by evil spirits, ghosts, paranormal beings and other supernatural entities and the owners of these objects have often claimed to have seen frightful sights and experience creepy things.  In some cases, these people have knowingly picked up the object and took it home with them, regardless of the potential curse attached.


Askiguru has discovered seven of the strangest cursed objects found all over the world


1.Annabelle the Doll

If you thought the Conjuring movies were scary, than you shouldn't read the ghastly real story behind the creepy Annabelle doll. Real doll looks a lot less scary than the movie version, but she's purported to have the same demonic powers. One of the most famous cursed objects in the world, Annabelle the Doll is a Raggedy Ann doll that’s apparently haunted, according to self-proclaimed demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. According to the legend, the doll is possessed by the spirit of a dead girl. The doll allegedly changes positions, writes messages, and performs other paranormal things. Annabelle the Doll currently resides in a glass box at the Warren’s Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.

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2.The Hands Resist Him Painting

The photograph Bill Stoneham’s parents took of him when he was 5 years old wasn’t worth a thousand words. It was worth a million nightmares.

Stoneham regularly played outside with one of the girls from the neighborhood. During one of these occasions, his parents had both kids pose in front of a glass door for a photograph. They couldn’t have known that, two decades later, Stoneham would transform the mundane childhood photo into a terrifying painting that has become the stuff of Internet legend. Stoneham created the painting by transforming a real, childhood photograph of himself and his friend that was taken by his parents when he was five. The painting has been reported to be haunted, and several people associated with it have died. In 2000, the painting was put on e-Bay along with a detailed story explaining why it is haunted.

7 Creepy Cursed Objects That Actually Exist - Askiguru


3.Haunted Wedding Dress

Every girl dreams to wear wedding dress at her wedding. But unfortunately for some, dreams don't come true. There is a true tragic account of beautiful girl who wanted to marry with her lover but couldn't. In 1849, a girl (Anna Baker) from a rich Pennsylvania family fell in love with a low class iron worker. Anna’s father did not want her to marry a man from the lower class, and he forbid the wedding, for which Anna had already bought a dress. Heartbroken and disappointed, Anna decided to remain single for the rest of her life; she died as an old maid in 1914. Since then, her wedding dress has been allegedly cursed as visitors of Anna’s house (that was turned into a museum) often report seeing the dress moving within the glass box in which it was put on display.

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4.The Anguished Man Painting

THE ANGUISHED MAN It's not surprising that this painting is cursed. “The Anguished Man” was created using paint that was mixed with the artist's own blood. and he committed suicide after finishing it. One of the world’s most famous haunted paintings, The Anguished Man was allegedly created by an extremely disturbed individual who mixed his own blood in with the oil paint while painting the piece. He committed suicide immediately after its completion. The painting is owned by Sean Robinson, who heard strange noises and saw terrifying sights as long as the painting was hanging in his bedroom in his house in Cumbria, England.

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5.Cursed Maori Warrior Masks

The Curse of the Maori Warrior Masks – The Maori (indigenous people of New Zealand) used to carve out masks and statues before battle. The Maori believed any man who died in battle would leave his soul behind in one of the warrior masks. While the curse of the masks poses no threat to other men, but women who are pregnant and menstruating are suggested to stay away from several sacred Maori artifacts, including traditional Maori warrior masks, as they could invoke a curse when in contact with women who are menstruating or expecting a baby. Maori tradition dictates that these women are “tapu” (or taboo), and so are the artifacts, meaning that if they come too close, a curse could be invoked on them.

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6.Hope Diamond

On September 11, 1792, the Hope Diamond was stolen from the house that stored the crown jewels. It's a pretty fascinating little bauble—particularly if you're the sort of person who is impressed by 45.52 carat gems—but you probably wouldn't want to own it, as it's supposedly cursed. This blue gem is worth $250 million. With first ownership records dating back to 17th century, this diamond is believed to be cursed, supposedly causing great misfortune and misery to whoever wears it. The most commonly accepted origin of the curse dates back to 1653, when a French merchant obtained the original 115-carat blue diamond in India where he plucked the gem from one of the eyes of a Hindu idol and, for this sacrilege, was later trample to death by dogs.

7 Creepy Cursed Objects That Actually Exist - Askiguru

7.Cursed Phone Number

Technically, a phone number is not a physical object but obviously, it can be still cursed so we included this item in our list. We are talking about a particular Bulgarian phone number +359 888 888 888. The number was in use for just 10 years, during which it was successively assigned to 3 people. All of the owners of this number died shortly thereafter. The first owner died of cancer, while the other two were both gunned down. No wonder the Bulgarian mobile phone company decided to suspend this number. It is also said that there are quite a few people who have tried calling this number because what they heard it was a scary one. You could hear a number of things if you were to try this yourself. Anything from a male voice repeating the numbers 1, 3 & 7 followed by the sound of a chainsaw or someone saying your name, what you’re doing at the time & that they’re watching you. Scary isn't it?

7 Creepy Cursed Objects That Actually Exist - Askiguru


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