Fashion defines who you are! Over the years, fashion has changed and captured its place in the world. Be it men or women, everyone wants to be fashionable. However, sometimes we may pick up something that is irregular. The edge to which one can adapt to irregular fashion also depends on his/her character. For instance, well-known Lady Gaga, American singer sets her own fashion statement and people follow her, though it seems a little crazy. Her followers says that it does not matter because nobody has the right to decide what another person worshiped and abides.


Fashion is about depicting who you are and what your inner self is, and this is what gives you your identity and keeps you in your comfort zone. It is unique to every part of the world and the choice of dressing in a way is related to your culture. Some break the traditional barrier and take the fashion to a different level, few of the trends are actually such, that can not be digested by the society they live in. However, continue to follow your heart, do not pay attention to what others think or say, because in the end, who are you, who you want to be.


Askiguru has discovered 6 Weird Fashion Accessories:


1.Eye Jewelry

The main reason for designing the contact lenses is to help people increase their vision, but some customize it and make it their fashion statement. A stylist from the Netherlands, Eric Klarenbeek, prepared a collection of ornaments for the eyes, which made his imagination go wild. One of his such works was Teardrop Jewelry.It acts like a regular contact lens with the expansion of a regular light weight jewellery. Definitely, this piece of jewellery looks scary and unneeded, this fashion has made people to expand and question their fashion views and the ways to blink.

6 Weird Fashion Accessories - Askiguru


2.The Denture Bracelet

A good set of teeth gives you a beautiful shiny smile. Artificial teeth were for help in chewing and needed more than an accessory. But people have crossed this standardization and brought it into the fashion world. This set of teeth is designed as a bracelet or necklace. Do not freak or be shocked if you notice someone wearing such an accessory!

6 Weird Fashion Accessories - Askiguru


3.Denim flip-flops

If you have a pair of jeans which is worn out or you have outgrow them; then let your imagination and creative thinking take its own course. Never let the love for jeans end.This is the reason why these denims started finding place in people’s feet.  Customize to the size of someone's feet, they can be sewn in a pair of flip-flops or sandals. Whether it's a choice or not, it looks comfortable and distinctive on your feet. With a pair of shorts, they can really go well and you can set a trend between your social circle.

6 Weird Fashion Accessories - Askiguru



Some say ‘eyes are the reflection of your soul and your beauty' Long eyelashes have always been a positive fashion statement, it makes your eyes stand out thereby depicting the absolute beauty of it. But imagine adding insect feet on your eyes.Horrible and bizarre thoughts, but a stylist Jessica Harrison has inspired the use of dead fly feet in the form of the glitter for fashionable eyes! These crooked and deformed feet are attached on the eyes and are supposedly intended to appear like beautiful eyelashes.

6 Weird Fashion Accessories - Askiguru


5.Beyonce’s Infamous Diva Sunglasses

Sunglasses are designed to protect the eyes and can also be seen as fashion accessories, which are popular among the public. But some have taken it to the next level overwhelming the commoner’s fashion appetite. Beyonce’s infamous sunglasses are such a case.A view through these may be dangerous, with metal fringes connected to a metallic frame that acts as the holder for those numerous dangling chains.Definitely not recommended for those with prescription lenses!

6 Weird Fashion Accessories - Askiguru



The leggings of the gentlemen is last in our list of weird fashion styles. Wondering how uncomfortable it might be? We share the same dilemma. It was worn at a themed party by the original designers, it caught the eyes of those who found it attractive. Available in different colors and stitched according to the demands of the wearer,‘meggins’ has begun to find its way into fashion, but it is still unacceptable by most of the people.

6 Weird Fashion Accessories - Askiguru


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