Endless selfies, food porn and bikini photos are just some of the delights we now see regularly thanks to Instagram. The latest insta-category to give thanks for? Weird (I repeat, WEIRD) beauty trends.

At first it was contouring , which actually became something that normalised itself. Then there was the ill fated #kyliejennerlipchallenge (still loling at that one), furry nails (ew!), crystal lips (totally impractical) and the list goes on. Ah the internet – it's just a gift that keeps on giving, ain't it?

Fortunately for us, nothing has changed this year – the trends are just as unusual, captivating and yes, slightly frightening. So have a look and ask yourself – are you game for this glam?


1. Halo Brows

If you thought people couldn't get any more creative with their eyebrow trend endeavours, then you're very, VERY, mistaken. The latest weird trend to hit the internet is what Instagram user Hannah Lyne is calling 'halo brows'. The 16-year-old makeup artist enthusiast posted the look on her personal account and it has since gone viral!


2. Nude Eyelashes

It's time to ditch your mascara because the latest beauty trend to sweep Instagram is nude eyelashes. A post by Finish makeup artist, Emilia Nummelin, went viral over the weekend featuring a pink-hued makeup look and intentional nude lashes (nope, that's not just powder she forgot to wipe off). Emilia created the look with lipstick, more specifically Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid in Christmas Cookie – and we think as bizarre as it is, it's wearable and fresh.


3. Tinsel Eyelashes

Let us introduce you to tinsel eyelashes, an idea by Instagrammer @coolgirlswearmugler, which, to be fair, is not as weird as it is super pretty. And if you think about it, could be really easy to recreate – you'd just need some falsies' glue and leftover décor from your Christmas tree and voilá!



4. Crown Brows

Calling all QUEENS! This beauty trend is for you. It's not the easiest of looks, but once you've mastered it, you'll be all set. The brow crown is the creation of Sofie Petersen – an Instagrammer who’s not afraid to go bold.


5. Nose Hair Extensions

Nose hair extensions? Can we just stop now? This is absolute madness and somehow it found its way onto our feeds. Why? We really don't know but after penis eyebrows became a thing (scroll down, if you will) we stopped looking for meaning in these. The trend, which consists of adding fake eyelashes to your nostrils, started with user @gret_chen_chen is now spreading through Instagram.


6. Ponytail Eyebrows

Yes, you've read that right. The latest Insta trend is something of an unfortunate breeding. Mary Jane, the talented makeup artist behind the photoshopped image says the edit is ironic, and she's just "getting tired of edited brows getting recognition". Well doll, unfortunately now this one is also trending.


Cover image source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BYqla0bAWDV/?taken-by=maryivani

Content source: http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/article/springs-strangest-beauty-trends