Being the youngest of all siblings comes with its own set of freedoms and rights. They are the most pampered kid of the family and when you tell people you are the youngest child, they automatically tend to believe that you will be the most notorious child who can get away with anything and everything. They are always teased as being the pet of parents and get all the special attention of the family.

Well, being the youngest is fun most of the time, but then only the youngest ones understand the problems of this deal. So let us know, what are the struggles that only the youngest kid can relate to.


1. You are always a Kid
Irrespective what your age is (whether it is 15, 25, 35, 50 or in that case even 60+), you will always remain a kid. Family never tend to understand that you have actually grown up and can take care of yourself; and hence they are always concerned about safety and security. Most times you are also not allowed to go to late night parties, and if allowed then you are accompanied by elder siblings.


2. You are always disrespected
Your elder siblings leave no chance to embarrass and offend you with weird nick names. You wait to get treated like one of the mature member of family but in turn your elder siblings make sure that the word ‘respect’ never exists in their dictionary. And in any family discussion if by chance you raise your voice or take a firm stand on your decision, you are immediately told to shut up as it is considered being rude and back answering the elders. 


3. What about clothes, books and toys?
The worst feeling young siblings have is to wear used clothes and even school uniforms. It doesn’t just stop here; you are also forced to play with the toys your elders used to play and use the book which have already been used by your elders. Only the young one understands the pain of using the used stuff that belonged to their brothers and sisters!

4. Always to take the Blame
It’s an unsaid rule that whenever anything goes wrong it has to be blamed on the young sibling. The elder siblings easily target them and get away with it. And the worst part is that even your parents tend to believe the elder siblings as they consider you careless and irresponsible.


5. Comparison with Elder Sibling
This is the worst feeling out of the all is when in everything what you do gets compared to your elder siblings. Comparison is just not limited to the home; it is continued to the schools as well. There are high chances that the young sibling must have heard the sentence “Your elder sibling was such a good student”, at least once by their teacher. Teachers remember you by your elder siblings face and also say “you look so like your sibling” as if you do not have your own identity.


6. You are your Sibling’s Servant
This one is the most relevant and significant fact. You have to tolerate the demands made by your siblings. They can snatch television’s remote from you any time, blackmail you with your baby pictures, threaten to hide the games, spill your secrets, or simply punch you…the list is never ending.


Who says being the youngest is a cake walk, eh? Is there something called the youngest sibling rights or association?


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