Usually when we hear “Junk Food,” we think of many things like potato chips, and microwave popcorn full of calories because of the butter, or maybe even candy and ice cream. 

Who doesn’t love the taste of junk food? After all, isn’t it true that those things that are the worst for us also happen to taste the best or all of which we like, taste way too much.

But wait… Are they really that bad? Is it possible that junk food can be actually good for us?

Well, the answer to that question are a list of our favorite healthy alternatives to our favorite junk foods.


1. Ice Cream
Ice cream is amazing but eating too much isn’t as amazing. Instead of eating ice cream for every meal, swap it out for vegan “ice cream” made of blended frozen bananas and a few other ingredients. There are so many different variations, you’ll never get tired of it.


2. Chips and Dip
Instead of potato chips and sauce, try using multi-grain pita chips with hummus. The hummus makes for a protein-rich dip, and the whole multi-grain chips tend to have less total saturated fat than potato chips.


3. Pancakes
You’ll go crazy for this super easy pancake recipe. It only requires two ingredients, and one of them is bananas! Using bananas adds sweetness to these pancakes, so you won't need any maple syrup to top it. If you want to change you can also make these banana oat pancakes, zucchini pancakes with topped with blueberries, a drizzle of honey and cottage cheese for an extra hit of calcium and protein for an early morning energy boost.



4. Soda Alternatives
Water is the healthiest thing for you, but it’s obviously hard going from soda to water. To make this transition easier for you just add fruits to your water if you want to drink something quickly without going out.


5. Mashed Potatoes
Who needs that buttery dish now when you can have mashed cauliflower, which tastes lighter and more flavorful than mashed potato?  You don’t even need to cover it in gravy since the garlic and the onions in this recipe already gives the perfect flavor.


6. Cheesecake 
Try using low-fat yogurt with fresh fruit like blueberries or strawberries as one cup of low-fat yogurt has about 23 grams of protein, which helps to build metabolism and boosting our muscles.

So I'm sure by this we know that some of our favorite junk foods are actually safe to consume.

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