Beauty is no longer a specialty or quality. Now this is an object which people want to achieve at the cost. The fountain of eternal youth can be a metaphor that is used by the writers of fantasy books, but today people have come up with some of the most unbelievable ways of retaining beauty and put that idea to the ultimate test of the senses and sanity. Here are some of the most shocking and unwanted ways, especially women, using to achieve a very unbelievable standard of beauty:


Askiguru has discovered 6 Bizarre Beauty Treatments:


1.Bird Poop Facials

We all love a little pampering at the spa. A good massage or facial can do wonders with stress levels, skin suffering and sensitive muscles. They say having a bird poop on you is good luck, so why not up your chances and get a facial instead? This facial is also known as the “Geisha facials”. This treatment includes a steam treatment, aroma therapy which is followed by covering your face with the paste of powdered nightingale faeces. According to those who are into this type of facials, nightingale faeces is best for this process since the bird feeds on particular seeds which have an enzyme that helps restore human skin. The treatment is available at high profile saloons across the world and those who have had it seem convinced.

6 Bizarre Beauty Treatments - Askiguru


2.Urine Facial Treatment

This treatment is for those who are really, really desperate to look beautiful and can go to the extreme to get it, even if it is includes soaking your face in urine. Yes you got that right, Urine is the basis of this particular beauty treatment. Also known as Urotherapy, it is settled on the reality that urine contains 95 percent water, 2.5 percent urea, and a mixture of salt, various minerals, enzymes, and hormones that contain essential nutrients. The makers of urine therapy believe that when urine dissolved towel is applied on the skin, it can help to remove diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. For best results, they recommend urine in the morning to be the best for face treatment because it builds the hormones overnight.. Yuck is all I can say to this.

6 Bizarre Beauty Treatments - Askiguru


3.Snail Facials

There is a new trend in Tokyo, Japan, and in this, there are slow crawling live snails on your face leaving behind a trail of snail slime. This treatment is also known as “Celebrity Escargot Course,” and can cost about $250. According to the snail facial fans, the magic is in the slime left behind by the snails- it is such a slime that helps in the treatment of dry skin and calms the sunburn, so that you get a revamped color. However, if the idea of snails roaming around your face is not good with you, then you can try your luck with snail slim cream, which are said to be just as good

6 Bizarre Beauty Treatments - Askiguru


4.Pin Prick Facials

Skin Needling is another process that is gaining popularity nowadays. The procedure includes thousands of tiny puncture wounds caused with micro needles; each pin prick kicks off the onset of skins normal healing process and generates new collagen and elastin under the upper dermal layer of the skin. The process produces collagen layers on a scale similar to laser therapies. However, visible signs of skin rejuvenation can only be seen after six to eight weeks following the procedure and needs to be continued for up to a year.

6 Bizarre Beauty Treatments - Askiguru


5.Face Slapping Treatment

And now a marginally more fascinating route to absolute beauty; the face slapping treatment is all about slapping the years off your face! The treatment takes about 15 to 20 minutes and will cost you around $350 to get slapped around but with firmer skin for about six months. The process is completely chemical free, of course it’s just slapping- followed by a personalized massage to help erase frown lines or crows feet.

6 Bizarre Beauty Treatments - Askiguru


6.Black Pepper Body Scrub

Ready for a skin tickling and blood pumping beauty treatment? Well get ready for this spicy body treatment- The Thai black pepper body scrub. The treatment kicks off with a energizing green tea moisturizer, followed by a full body black pepper rub to give you that  “tingling” sensation. Later on to calm the skin down, the body is covered with the soothing extracts of live silk worms. According to experts, the black pepper rub is supposed to make you hot and sweaty for the sake of detoxifying.

6 Bizarre Beauty Treatments - Askiguru



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