It becomes a challenging task to control the sugar intake of your child because it is at every place. Nearly everything that a kid loves to eat has sugar in it. Not just in candies and chocolates, sugar is also present in juices, breakfast cereals, flavored yogurts and many more. It is difficult to keep children away from candies, cookies, pastries, and cakes. 


Intake of added sugar is very noxious. It will unquestionably lead to the problem of tooth decay but it also ups the hazard of obesity, hypertension, fatty liver and diabetes. Inspiriting children to eat healthily is not easy. Switching chocolates for vegetable may seem impossible. You need to find some intelligent ways to decrease the sugar intake of your child. 


Askiguru has discovered 5 Ways to Control your Child's Sugar Intake:


1. Be Creative

The visual aspect of the food can make a lot of difference. Adding chocolate syrup or extra sweet treats is not the only way to make food more charismatic and tasty. Try to make the food more attention-getting. If you will serve only vegetables then it will unquestionably become boring. You can use several techniques to make food more attractive. Try various shapes like stars or smiles with the help of a cookie cutter. Try to mix assorted recipes which can excite the kids to eat. Use colorful vegetables to add gleaming colors to your recipe like peas, carrots, spinach etc. You can add healthy elements to your kids’ best-loved foods which will make them eat vegetables as well.

5 Ways to Control your Child's Sugar Intake - Askiguru


2. Avoid Sugary Drinks

Fizzy drinks are high in sugar and are bad as well. Carbonated soda, energy drinks, flavored water, and squash- they all are flooded with sugar. You should stop your children from taking them. Do not purchase them or hide them from your children. You can give fresh juice to your child but don't mix sugar to it. Also, boost your kids to drink more milk and water. Drinking more water is a healthy habit and will also eliminate excess sugar intake.

5 Ways to Control your Child's Sugar Intake - Askiguru


3. Don't Make Dessert Compulsory

Parents are accountable for their kids’ eating habits. So, it is in your hands to control the sugar consumption of your kid. Do not make sweets compulsory after dinner. It will help in cutting down sugar importantly. If dessert is a must in your daily diet then change it right away. Children will sooner or later develop a habit of not eating dessert. Try adding more and more fruits and salad to your dining table and make healthy eating a habit.


5 Ways to Control your Child's Sugar Intake - Askiguru


4.Reward Them Wisely

Few parents use sweets as a reward for kids, which is not the proper way. No, soon this will turn into a habit. Reward your kids wisely and give them things which are helpful for them. Do not use cakes and cookies to encourage them to study. This will only increase the intake of sugar indirectly.

5 Ways to Control your Child's Sugar Intake - Askiguru


5.Increase Protein Intake

Protein balances calcium levels in the body and assists in developing fat-free muscles. A balanced level of protein in the body cut down the cravings for sugar and simple carbs. Some protein loaded foods are eggs, almonds, oats, milk etc.

5 Ways to Control your Child's Sugar Intake - Askiguru



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