Life may feel like a maze at times, you can feel overwhelmed and confused at the same time. It is full of challenges and obstacles, but the real fight is how do you overcome the deviations of life. All your problems are a part of your existence, but this does not mean that you become a victim of despair, you have to find a way through it. The easiest way to overcome anxiety is to stay calm and handle all situations with a positive attitude.


Askiguru has discovered 5 Ways to Calm Yourself Down and Relax:


Whenever you are worried or angry, take deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and hold your breath for at least three seconds. Then breathe out from your mouth. Repeat the process a couple of times to help the brain receive the message for acute stress response. 

5 Ways to Calm Yourself Down and Relax - Askiguru


2. Identify the Reason and Accept it

Keep in mind that by giving an upper hand to anger, you can lose the support of your loved ones. If something is bothering you and disturbs your peace of mind, then identify that reason – seek signs and try to overcome them. If you are feeling low, express it and accept it so that you can control it. When you know that you are feeling low and decide to fight it, it automatically reduces feelings of anxiety and anger.

5 Ways to Calm Yourself Down and Relax - Askiguru


3.Power of Music

Play on your favorite track and relax. Listening to music can calm your nerves because music is linked with our emotions. Music acts as a distraction from the external world which can have a beneficial effect on our psychological functions and can reduce stress levels of hormones.

5 Ways to Calm Yourself Down and Relax - Askiguru


4.Strengthen your Mind

Rather than taking medicine to get rid of your anger or stress, try to strengthen your mind. Do not get annoyed about unnecessary things, and take care of your eating or sleep habits. Irregular sleep patterns and unhealthy eating habits can interfere with your mood and irritate you, thereby increasing stress and anger. Be sure to get sufficient sleep and eat good food. It will also help to strengthen your brain.

5 Ways to Calm Yourself Down and Relax - Askiguru


5. Avoid Negativity

Exposure to negativeness will only make things worse. Problems in school or at your workplace are common but always remember that these things are not often. Like a smile, every second feeling is contagious. Negatives and complaints can trigger stress hormones, making it difficult to think peacefully. Avoid negative people and negative environments, but you do not have an option try to avoid a negative conversation as much as you can. 

5 Ways to Calm Yourself Down and Relax - Askiguru



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