We, humans, like to think of ourselves as a special bunch, but it has come to know that we have many things in common with animals. The mathematics? A monkey can do this. Use the tool? Hey, even the birds have mastered in that. Culture? Sorry, guys – chimpanzees have it too.


Askiguru has discovered 5 Unusual Behaviors Animals Share With Humans:


1.Some Penguins Practice Prostitution

Although generally virginal, penguins have been known to not only wander from their partners but to practice prostitution as well. Feminine penguins have been noticed unite with males who are not their partner and then taking stones from them to build their nests. Sometimes the males will bring the stones to the females before sexual intercourse.  In one instance, a male penguin in a sexual encounter has cost a massive 62 stones!

5 Unusual Behaviors Animals Share With Humans - Askiguru


2.Parrots Name Their Infants
A research has been done by the man of science Karl Berg on green-rumped parrotlet. In that study, he discovered that shortly after they were born, the infant tended to answer to very specific peeps from the other birds. And, as Berg was discovered from a book, the parrots also learn the herd associated with their family members, and can use them in "talking communication". In one of Berg's research project, he exchanged eggs from different nests to see if certain types of chirps were genetically or learned. The results of the study strongly suggest that the herds are actually learned, and it is parrot parents who are giving their specific contact call or "name" to the children.

5 Unusual Behaviors Animals Share With Humans - Askiguru


3.Pigeons Gamble

Finding pigeons playing in slots in Vegas would be extremely impossible(though, due to the rapid progress in our society, I am still not excluding it yet). However, these birds actually gamble in a way that is similar to humans. Awaiting a cash boom from buying lottery tickets or playing slot machines in a casino might brand someone a dupe or pigeon. That comparison, in fact, is much more accurate than meets the eye. In a new study, University psychologists have found that pigeons and problem gamblers seem to have a particular attribute in common — impulsive behavior.

5 Unusual Behaviors Animals Share With Humans - Askiguru


4.Goats Develop Accents

Researchers at the Queen Mary University of London discovered that goats, like people, develop pronunciation depending on their surroundings. The scientists studied goats from when they were first-born and were less in contact with external stimuli when they were five weeks old and started creating social groups with other goats. The results confirmed that the goats' tones were changed and developed because they grew up and were committed to copying the "accent" of other goats in other social strata.

5 Unusual Behaviors Animals Share With Humans - Askiguru


5.Elephants Hold Funerals 

One of the most anthropomorphous species in the animal kingdom is elephants, due to the fact that they are one of the most intelligent animals in the world, and most creatures seem to be about a knowledge and ability for emotions. Elephants live in very tightly-knit social groups, and when one of them dies, then it is a very emotional event for all the members of the group. Elephants take a very ritualistic approach to mourn their dead and have been observed laying their trunks on the body, spreading leaves, and standing watch over their deceased for days at a time. There are many instances where elephants are being seen through their funeral rituals for human death. 

5 Unusual Behaviors Animals Share With Humans - Askiguru



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