According to recent figures, there are 75 million domestic dogs in the United States alone and they are among the world's most wanted pets. Proprietorship and training of a dog are one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences anyone can go through. Although there are some major mistakes that most of the dog owners make, and there are also a few important things that they ignore which can put their dog's health at risk.


Askiguru has discovered 5 Things a Good Master Won’t Do to Their Dog:


1. Leave Them On a Chain

Chained dogs become unconnected from their owners because they feel like their owners do not love them and they stop spending time with their owners when they are regularly left outside. Then they will start looking for ways to escape, and once they do this, they will not come back.

So it is essential to leave your dog outside for a short period of time and only put them on a chain when it is utterly needful for safety reasons.


5 Things a Good Master Won’t Do to Their Dog - Askiguru


2. Leave Them In The Car

No matter how pleasant or cool the weather is outside, the greenhouse effect can heat up a car in no time and the least that could happen to the poor pet is that they could become extremely hot and ill. The longer they wait in an overheated car, the worse the outcomes are for their health and they could possibly die.

5 Things a Good Master Won’t Do to Their Dog - Askiguru


3.Skip Regular Vet Visits

Even if your pet appears pretty healthy and acts normally, you should visit a vet at least every 6 months. Remember we are all healthy before falling ill and this applies to all living things. Vets can discover symptoms in animals that we don’t even observe.

5 Things a Good Master Won’t Do to Their Dog - Askiguru


4.Hit Them

No matter what kind of grooming, mess, or whatever reason you have for hitting your dog, it is never appropriate, formative, or even legal to hit your pet. This will result in psychic trauma to that poor pet and he will also be afraid of you.

5 Things a Good Master Won’t Do to Their Dog - Askiguru


5. Share Their Food

We will give you a good reason why specialized dog foods exist? It exists so that your dog can get all the nutrients which are actually very important for your dog’s health. It may seem like an act of kindness by sharing some part of your food with your dog especially, when they look at you with their big twinkle eyes, waiting to get a bite from your dish, but this can impact their digestive system and their health too. For the welfare of your pet’s health, stick to the food which is actually designed for them.

5 Things a Good Master Won’t Do to Their Dog - Askiguru


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