Do you also find yourself eating all the time? You might get a powerful arousal to eat suddenly and that desire is constant. Even if you are not feeling toothsome, your mind always craves food. This will unquestionably add extra inches to your waist. But if you don’t eat you start feeling anxious, develop a headache or are unable to focus on your work. To prevent extra intake of food and to stay in shape, you must look out for the reason that makes you hungry all the time.


Askiguru has discovered 5 Reasons Why You are Always Hungry:


1. Stress Can Be a Reason

Stress is tiring and it increases hunger as well. When you are stressed, you crave for food mostly high in sugar and fat. During stress, cortisol, a hormone which boosts hunger and food cravings is produced more. You might feel hungry all the time if you are often stressed. Stress encourages hunger and you might end up eating more than what is required. 

5 Reasons Why You are Always Hungry - Askiguru


2.Sleep Deprivation

Sufficient sleep is highly important for your overall health. It keeps various diseases at bay. Getting adequate sleep controls appetite as it correct ghrelin which is a 'hunger hormone'. Sleep poorness leads to a higher level of ghrelin, which might make you hungrier. Deficient sleep automatically increases your appetite and it becomes harder to feel full.

5 Reasons Why You are Always Hungry - Askiguru


3.Lack Of Fibre In Diet

Food affluent in fiber helps in keeping hunger under control. Food which is high in fiber takes good time to digest and keeps you full for longer time. Fiber must be a necessary part of your diet. You must consume plenty of fiber in order to stay fit. Fibre also controls appetite hormones which cut down hunger. When you consume less fiber, you are more likely to get hunger stab. Foods rich in fiber include pears, berries, vegetables, whole wheat bread, barley, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

5 Reasons Why You are Always Hungry - Askiguru


4.Too Much Exercising

If you are a fitness freak and engaged in too much exercising you might feel starved all the time. High-intensity exercise burns a lot of calories and makes you feel hungry very often. As exercising is very crucial, you cannot eliminate it from your routine completely but you can reduce the intensity of the workout. If you feel hungrier after exercising, you will end up eating more which will increase your whole diet and you will end up consuming unneeded calories.

5 Reasons Why You are Always Hungry - Askiguru


5. Not Eating Enough Protein

Protein is the building block of our body. Protein consumption affects your appetite as it has hunger reducing properties. When your body needs protein you feel week and hungry all the time. High protein diet will help you take in fewer calories during the day. Protein also gives you a sufficient amount of energy needed throughout the day. Foods affluent in protein include seafood, eggs, milk, dairy products, nuts, and many more.

5 Reasons Why You are Always Hungry - Askiguru



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