The current society we live in is kind of obsessed with plastic things. It has a significant part of our life basically everything that we use in our everyday activities that is from mobile phones to our children's toys. However, there is one place where plastic is not praised and welcomed anymore. We are talking about the plastic container for water we drink in and the container in which we consume food.

The serious issue about plastic is that it is a byproduct of toxic materials. These toxic compounds are likely to drain into whatever they come into contact with. Considering the fact that these compounds that make up plastic are absorbed and it is not surprising that they can enter the body and cause damage to us, can also trigger the development of health issues. Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should avoid plastic containers:


1. There is No Such Thing as a Safe Plastic

Plastics that contain a toxic compound known as bisphenol A (BPA) have been in the news a lot lately and for this reason, consumers have been fooled to think that if a product is “BPA-free” it’s perfectly safe. But this is not true. Lots of companies have come to the fact that they can sell more of a product if it’s labeled as “BPA-free.” Okay we agree that it may be BPA-free, but in its place, these companies are using BPS, a close cousin of BPA that may be equally as toxic! So the he bottom line is, you can’t 100% trust any plastic saying it doesn’t contain compounds that are toxic to your body.


2. Plastics can Cause Fertility and Reproductive Problems

Everyone wishes to produce a healthy child in their life. But the toxic compounds found in plastic make this quite difficult and even impossible. It all started as rumor which has now changed into a reality which prove that this is a huge problem. For example, almost all plastics contain toxic chemicals that have a negative effect on immunity and hormone regulation, both of which directly affect fertility. Specifically, BPA has been found to make it more difficult for women to conceive and to cause more risk of miscarriages. According to a recent research, toxic compounds in plastic cause birth defect and development issues in children.



3. Chemicals in Plastic can Make You Fat

There are lots of reasons why nearly two-thirds of American adults are either overweight or fat. But one of them may be the vast amounts of plastics our food and beverages come in contact with. After all, America is the world’s largest consumer of disposable plastic containers. A chemical widely used in plastics, known as bisphenol-A diglycidyl ether (BADGE) may be the cause for stem cells becoming fat cells as said by one of the author that “Exposure to these kinds of chemicals can reprogram your metabolism and make it more likely for you to store calories instead of passing them through.”


4. Plastics are Terrible for Our Planet

Even though you may not be quite concerned about the environment, the fact that you live on this planet, and so will your children, so there are alot of responsibility to keep the planet as bearable to live. Firstly, plastics are made from petrochemicals through an intensive process that itself creates lots of pollution and toxic discharge. The fact is, every plastic container you use is making the planet less habitable. Also, most plastic in the world is not recycled and usually ends up in landfills, which in turn makes it degrading very slowly.


5. Toxic Compound in Plastic can Make You Sick

As we age, many different health problems occur. It’s common knowledge that illness and disorders such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, heart disease, vision impairment and many others health problems are all on the rise. Is this because of the increasing amount of plastic in our lives? Plastic drink and food containers became all the rage recently (in the 1970s) and have became a huge part of our lives from then on. There is growing research suggesting that toxins found in
plastic cause health problems, from cancer to infertility.


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