Women participants of this study agreed that make-up enhances their beauty and their skin look healthy because makeup reduces all the spots which otherwise would be visible. In this way, it is quite understandable that why women try to get the right makeup look by trying different techniques. However, make-up is a form of art and like every other form of artistic expression, practice makes right! To achieve this level of perfection, you have to learn from your mistakes.


Askiguru has discovered 5 Makeup Mistakes That Ruin Your Whole Look:


1. Applying Makeup On Dry Skin

Numerous women make the mistake of applying makeup on the totally dry skin. The first step is to exfoliate your skin at least once a week and later apply a rich moisturizer. Women with super dry skin should apply practice and even a primer before applying their foundation. If you take some toners in your bag to refresh your makeup, it will also be very beneficial. Finally, dry skin does not go well with powder makeup, so you can be better off with adhesive with cream products or ask a professional to give you advice.

5 Makeup Mistakes That Ruin Your Whole Look - Askiguru


2. Not Changing Foundations As You Get Older

As you grow old, many things change even the elasticity of your skin. Your face sags in certain spots that used to be tight and wrinkles appear in different areas. It simply means that the foundation which you have been using when you were younger could make these areas noticeable instead of hiding them. It is important to change your foundation on the basis of your skin needs and you’d better stick to stick a liquid foundation because it will keep your skin hydrated.

5 Makeup Mistakes That Ruin Your Whole Look - Askiguru


3. Not Blending Your Makeup Below The Jawline

When putting on their makeup, many women neglect to blend below the jawline. This bad habit creates an ugly look since the difference is very apparent and not flattering at all. The best way to fix this problem is to blend your makeup properly even under the jawline so that it doesn’t create a noticeable line. Whether you are using a liquid or a powder foundation, remember to apply some of it in the middle of your neck and to the lower parts of your face.

5 Makeup Mistakes That Ruin Your Whole Look - Askiguru


4.Testing Foundation On The Wrong Spots Of Your Body

One of the most ordinary mistakes is examining makeup shades on your hands. Regrettably, your hands could have more redness than your face, something that will show the wrong shade. You should test the assorted shades on your jawline to have a more definitive information of what each shade looks on you. For lip colors, you should ask for a sample and try it with a clean brush on your lips.

5 Makeup Mistakes That Ruin Your Whole Look - Askiguru


5.Keeping Your Makeup Products In The Bathroom

If you have always wondered why your mother kept her lipstick in the fridge, then it is time that you should know the reason. Many beauty products contain natural oils and wax which can be destroyed during the summer when exposed to high temperatures. This means that you should make some place in your refrigerator to store your eye cream, perfume, nail polishes, facial masks, eyeliner, and lipsticks. This way their pigmentation won’t get cakey after a while and they will be fresher every-time you use them.

5 Makeup Mistakes That Ruin Your Whole Look - Askiguru



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