Bad food quality products can not only have bad taste, but they can also cause health problems, which is why choosing the correct food is very important. For example, to increase the size and weight of watermelon forchlorfenuron is used which can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and swelling when consumed. Do not stress – we’ll tell you all about how to find these hazardous watermelons and check the quality of other ordinary products quickly and easily.


Askiguru has come up with 5 Hacks to Check What You Really Eat:


1. Choose Fresh And Pastured Eggs

A simple test can be done with a glass of water to help check the freshness of your egg. Put one egg in a glass of water and see what happens. If the egg sinks and lies on its side, then it is fresh and good to eat. If it sinks but stands at an angle, it is about 1-2 weeks old; And if the egg is swimming on the surface of the water, then it is too old to eat. As the egg grows, the shell lets in more air which makes an old egg float in the water.

5 Hacks to Check What You Really Eat - Askiguru


2. Do The Sound Test On Your Chocolate

Some manufacturers may lie about cocoa's real ingredients in their chocolate. To check the genuine Cocoa Butter content in your chocolate bar, click a photo of it and listen to the sound.  Chocolate bar with high cocoa butter content will make a loud "click" sound, while the chocolate bar with lower cocoa butter content will make a soft, dull sound.

5 Hacks to Check What You Really Eat - Askiguru


3.Throw Away Cracked Watermelons

If you cut a watermelon and see cracks on its surface, it is better to throw it away. These cracks can be caused by chemicals which some farmers use to grow watermelon larger and big. When ingested, these chemicals can cause serious health problems, including venomous toxicity.

5 Hacks to Check What You Really Eat - Askiguru


4. Avoid Bright And Glossy Dried Fruit

Some makers may add preservatives to make their dried fruit look more attractive and prevent a loss of color. Such fruit may contain sulfites hazardous to your health. To ward off this danger, choose dried fruit with natural brownish or grayish colors instead of those brightly colored and shiny ones.

5 Hacks to Check What You Really Eat - Askiguru


5. Get Rid Of Mushrooms If They Get Dark

Spoiled mushrooms get tacky or sticky on the surface and turn darker in color. When this process starts it can rapidly ruin the mushroom, so it’s advisable to cook the mushrooms while they are still fresh.

5 Hacks to Check What You Really Eat - Askiguru



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