When you are traveling, the important thing is what you carry in our luggage. Maybe it's not that important while you are traveling but for many, it means everything they need for proper functioning. The biggest question while going on a short 2-day trip is what to carry and what not to carry. Ideally when you travel, the less is more. So what are the essential that you can carry when traveling? 
Here are few things that you can carry while you are Traveling :
Backpacks are essential when you are traveling. Most preferred type of bag while traveling is a big tote bag but ideally, a backpack is much better. You can basically put in all the things you will need while traveling and you are good to go. You don’t have to worry about your shoulders hurting as a backpack is a much better option than a big tote that you carry on a single shoulder.

2.Ziplock bags    
Handy Ziplock bags are best to take care of your skincare and other toiletries. It is leak proof and helps to carry all the liquids very well. You all also carry snacks and fruits in them.  Ziplock bags take care of all the to-be messy things in a very a well. It is the most practical thing you can carry in your bag.
3.Carry Along a Hobby (Books, Diary, etc.)    
The book is a good medium to entertain yourself from boredom. Reading a nice book of your choice is ideal when you are bored while traveling. You can read an e-book if you don’t want the extra weight of a physical book in your luggage or you can also listen to an audiobook. It’s the best thing to get rid of your boredom. If you are not a book person, then you can carry along a small hobby that you enjoy. Some people like to color in a sketchbook, some like to take photographs, some like to write etc. while traveling. All these things will help you de-stress.

4.Sunglasses & A Hat 
A pair of sunglass is the most essential and functional; item that you must carry in your luggage. Sunglasses not only help you to protect your eyes but also act as a disguise when you are not looking or feeling the best. Just a pair of big sunglasses you are done for the day. Your sunglasses will cover up half of the face and also cover up your tiredness. A hat also helps to take care of those Messy-Hair days. When you travel, you hardly get time to watch your hair, so if you suffer from having less time on your schedule to wash your hair, carry a hat and your work is done. It truly helps cover the messy hair and adds on to your look or outfit.
Carry-on Luggage Suitcase is the perfect for short travels. They have the perfect size to carry your two-three days luggage plus it is very compact and light-weight.  Ideal for your mini endeavors.

These are all the things that you need when you travel don’t overdo and pack a lot of things just carry the essentials. The list differs from person to person but some basics remain the same. Some additional list of things you can add is Pack of Pocket Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, etc.