The girls out there are you tired of the one-tone nails or the same boring patterns? You don't have to be a master artist to make your nails look like a masterpiece! Let’s get started with few easy and simple tricks but amazing ideas and people will be asking you "What's the occasion?

Easy Diy Dots

Applying dots using a nail polish brush can be stressful and shaky, but you can do it easily with precision by using a bobby pin. It is as easy as applying nail polish. Simply dip the round part of the bobby pin in the paint and start dotting on your nails.

Blinged-Out Graffiti

This is an edgy look which combines street style with glam. Firstly start with a dark base coat, and then apply silver and gold paint light swipes .make sure to wipe the metallic paints on the top of the bottle few times to avoid the excess on the brush so that the bristles of the brush are visible when you apply.

Grade-A Gradient

Getting a gradient for your nails may seem nearly impossible without a professional doing it for you, but you can do it yourself. All you require is just two polish colors, a toothpick, and a sponge! Firstly apply your nails with the lighter color. Next, pour the two polishes next to one another, and begin mixing them together with the toothpick at their intersection point. Finally, dab the sponge into the polishes a few times, and then dab it on your nail, moving up and down very slightly.

No-Hassle Patterns

Get some patterned scissors and you will have no problems in creating any of those edges perfectly on your nails. Use the patterned scissors to cut a piece of tape, stick the tape to your nail, and paint on it to get the desired pattern.

Mad Splatter

Get your base coat on, and then cover the area around your nails with tape. Then use straws to splatter different colors of paint onto your nails. What could be easier than just throwing the paint on your nails haphazardly?

Loofah Lattice

The fabric that is used to make a loofah will act as the perfect stencil for a fishnet-style two-tone look. Simple apply one color to your nails and let them dry. Then hold a piece of the loofah on your nails as you paint over them again with another color.

Just One Swipe

Add a single swipe of white color nail polish to a dark colored nail base. It is a great and easy way to accent the color.

Creative Crescent

Make a crescent shape using reinforcement stickers. Stick them to your fingers so that just the top portion covers the base of your nail, and paint it.

Diy Matte

To make your own matte nail polishes simply add some eye shadow to your nail polish and mix it properly. You can experiment with color combinations until you find the perfect shade.

Tape It

Get creative with using tape on your nails. After the base coat has dried, Cut the tape strips into intricate patterns and stick them onto your nails. Then apply the top coat for a worry-free amazing design.

Striking Lightning

To make a statement with striking lightning nail art you need to paint your nails black and then lightly sponge on some darks shades of blue or purple and white to create the look of a night sky. Then, use a very thin dotting tool or a micro-tipped pen to paint on white in lightning shapes.

All That Glitters

When in doubt, go for glitter. Pump up your polish by adding a glitter gradient over a color. Apply the base color coat and allow it to dry. Then apply it second time but only on the top coat of your nail. Sprinkle a little glitter while the top coat is still wet  for a look that is sure to please.