Headaches can be annoyingly perpetual, and even more for people who try to head for pharmaceuticals. Luckily, there are a lot of natural things you can try that have been proven to help calm the ache.


Headaches are commonly a result of your body’s need to hydrate. People often do not drink much water when they are not thirsty and fail to recognize that their body is dehydrating. Drinking water throughout the day is very effective in order to relieve a headache and keep you body hydrated.

Massage Scalp

Giving a mini massage to you is a great way to get distracted from the pain and to help it to go away. Massages helps to improve blood circulation and get relieved from tension. The simplest way to give yourself a massage is to gently press your fingers over your temples and move them in slow circles.

Ice Pack

Using ice packs numbs the pain, helps blood vessels shrink and improve blood circulation as cold compresses the pain. A cold cloth on your head and temples for about 10 minutes and repeating the process after feeling some relief will work. A bag of frozen vegetables or fruit can also act as ice packs.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Some people are already aware of these techniques and apply them to get away from a headache. Some of the popular options include meditation, prayer, deep breathing and visualizations. If these options are out of your comfort level, simply just calm down and fall asleep.

Hot Water

Applying heat helps relax tense muscles and gives relief from the trembling pain. A hot water bag placed on the back of your neck will help with relieving the pain. Taking a shower or bath with hot water is also an easy and effective solution.


Lemon is very effective and powerful to treat headache pain. The intensity of the headache pain can be reduced by drinking warm water mixed with lemon or a steaming cup of lemon tea. Applying lemon crust paste directly on the forehead can help in immediate relief from the pain.


Ginger has an anti-inflammatory property, helps to relax the blood vessels, reduces the swelling in the brain and activates natural opiates in the brain to help lessen pain. The key is to drink ginger tea. The trick is to drink ginger tea at the beginning of the headache because it helps the ginger act quickly and help the pain.

Betel Leaves

The betel leaves can hugely help to get rid of a headache within a few minutes as it is known for its analgesic and cooling properties. The simple solution is to chew one or two of the betel leaves to treat the headache. You can gather two to three leaves, grind them to a fine paste, and apply for 30 minutes on the forehead.


Eating an apple with salt will help the headache. Placing a towel over your head and taking steam of water and apple cider vinegar will help over a matter of ten to fifteen minutes. Apple cider vinegar can be added to water and sip it slowly.

Eucalyptus Oil

This type of oil has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying this oil on your forehead and temples is a quick way to get rid of a headache. It provides a soothing effect with relaxing the muscles around the head.