Taking great pictures isn't hard when you know which rules to follow. Let's see what you can do to take gorgeous  photos anywhere you go:


1. Focus on one thing only
so when you are taking a picture of someone in front of the building or some beautiful scenary, the person must be the main focus while the building should be nothing more than the background the same goes for an animated objects if you take a picture of na object, your friend should be just an outline detail. When you try to cous both, it looks like the person is photoshoped in th epicture. so pic a subject and focus on it only.


2. Tell a story
Creativity is that key to an intersting photos. i mean what do you prefer photos with selfies or many photo
Photos without a story are empty, so make one up, and tell it using the photo. Instead of standing in front of the park with a “What am I doing here?” face, make your model sit on a bench and pretend to be thinking about something.


3. Holding something in your hands 
holding something or any prop can make you look more natural it also gives a real effect and help you tell a story. Let your model make pictures in the sand, hold a backpack, play with flowers or etc so basically with any prop in their hands.


4. Be careful with the framing 
Try to frame the shot correctly right away so that you don’t have to crop it later. Remember, if you’re not taking a full-body shot, never cut someone off at the knees. 


5. Have an object 
There should be a main object in any photo. Otherwise, why are you taking it? For example, it’s hard to tell what the person was trying to say in the above photo. You can capture a photo of a neighbour who went outside to smoke. In the photo below, we see that the main object is the person.



6. Try to have people in your photo 
If you are taking pictures of nature or the city, we recommend adding people to your snap. People make photos come alive. Another option is to take pictures of the local people i.e the public. But how do you do that without permission? so what you can do is put your friend near the locals, and pretend like you are taking their photo or pretend that you are listening to music in your headphones and use your phone to take picture of your locals i.e. people behind you.


7. Don't forget about “golden hours”
Of course, you can take great pictures at any time of the day, but there are hours that make your photos way cooler. Photographers call them the “blue hour” and “golden hour. The golden hour is one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. At this time, the sun is very low over the horizon, and it makes everything seem kind of golden. Such soft light can make even the most ordinary street look different, let alone really beautiful places. 


8. Use direct sunlight 
There is a tip that everyone knows — don’t take pictures in front of direct sunlight. Break this rule. Photographers know about the power of contre-jour, which is when the sunlight is behind the model. It gives the silhouette of your model shine and it makes photos feel freer.


9. Play with water
Water splash photography is one the coolest and most elegant types of photography. And it’s not as difficult as you may think. The process is actually quite simple, you just need the right equipment and a little practice to create a simple yet perfect water splash photo. Look closely at puddles. You can use them to make interesting shots using the reflections of buildings and nature. Don’t be scared of sitting down and putting the camera very close to the water. If you have a rotating display, you are lucky.


10. Don't overuse filters 
Some people want to make their photos brighter, so they use various types of filters. However, these make the snaps look very artificial and fake than real. So to make your photo look more realistic, you need to keep the whites white. For example, the color of the pedestrian crossing sign.


Now all you need to do is practice. The more photos you take, the better you get at taking pictures.

Which of the tips seemed the most curious to you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


Cover image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-beach-holiday-vacation-5322/