When you are living with your family or partner, it is something obvious that you mix up all the personal things you own and use. How many times have you used your sister’s toothbrush before you realized it wasn’t yours? 


Sharing personal hygiene products with your friends or family members, is actually quite hazardous. Call me micro-phobic but it might even mean you are putting your life on stake. Many medical experts including dermatologists and microbiologists say there are many items you use on a every day basis that despite looking nontoxic could be the source of a serious skin disease or other health-related troubles.  As such, there are some products that you should never share with anyone. Let us check out what are they.


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Using someone’s toothbrush is very dangerous. While you may be inclined to borrow someone’s toothbrush when you forget yours, there can be harmful consequences. Dentists state that sharing a toothbrush is a terrible idea from a hygienic as well as a medical point of view. Unless the toothbrush is put in boiling water after being used, you can be exposed to germs and gum disease.

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Using someone’s pillow is actually not a good idea as pillowcases can quickly become home to hair product substances, dead skin, bacteria, and germs. While using your own pillowcase is okay, others can result in your skin breaking out.

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3.Face Cream

Face cream or any other hygiene product which comes in jar type containers should never be shared because when you let others dip their fingers in the jar, it gets contaminated and then bad bacteria can get all over your face or skin. This might cause conditions such as itching on skin and acne.

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It’s not recommended to ever share razors with anyone else. They quickly compile tons of dead skin cells and bacteria. Also, if someone has cut themselves using a razor, sharing it could result in picking up a blood-borne infection.

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5.Lip Balm

Now you might be thinking how a lip balm can cause any threat. Even though lip balm doesn’t even look like it could be a public threat, but when the same stick is being used by many people it can transfer bacteria through the membranes of your mouth and into your bloodstream. So before borrowing someone’s lip balms keep in mind that it might catch Herpes, which is an infection that causes painful sores on your lips and even fever and muscle aches.

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6.Ear buds

We all love to listen good music but sometimes we forget our earphones at home. So in such cases if you ever find yourself in need of ear phones in order to listen to your favorite music, you should probably never ask for someone to give you theirs. Different studies have shown that ear buds get contaminated by bacteria from the ears. When you use ear buds during a workout it gets even worse as the moisture encourages more bacteria to develop.

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Deodorants are all about stopping bacteria's stink, meaning they come packed with antimicrobial properties. Sharing a deodorant stick can transfer skin's cells and hair particles from pit to pit and put you at risk of infections.

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Think twice before re-using your friend's towel as doing so may risk your health. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, towel sharing can spread infections ranging from pink eye to gonorrhoea. The next time you are staying at a friend's place, carry a towel with you. 

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9.Eye Makeup

Sharing of personal makeup can transfer germs and bacteria especially eye-related products. This is an easy way to contract everything from pinkeye to canker sores.

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Good personal hygiene is imperative to a healthy lifestyle. Using a pair of a friend’s flip-flops may seem harmless, but actually it is not. Especially when flip-flops are worn in summers. Often in the summer or by wet feet, flip-flops easily become prone to harboring fungus and bacteria, which can result in athlete’s foot or warts.

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