The number one rule to look flawless no matter what you are wearing is confidence. Your natural look is makes you uniquely beautiful. You should own it proudly. To play with makeup is fun, but should not be used as mask to hide behind.  Believe that you are beautiful even without it, and then others will believe too.


Smile goes best along with confidence. Confident girls are happy girls and happy girls are the prettiest girls. Thanks, for these fabulous words of wisdom Audrey Hepburn. Your genuine smile is noticed first before they notice anything else.


It’s really important to have skin care routine before you put on makeup. If you don’t, you definitely need to start one. And if you already have a routine, continue with the same skin care routine for days when you’re going makeup-free. Exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize are the three simple tricks for a flawless skin. This will keep your skin look fresh and hydrated instead of making it dull.


The trick to look flawless in your natural skin is to accentuate your natural features. If you have stunning eyebrows, rock them. But, make sure you maintain them! you will always look put together when you are well groomed.


Keeping your hair healthy will help your no-makeup look. Get it cut often and get different styles that you love. Every girl knows that a good hair just makes everything better. You need to radiate beauty and confidence when in love with your locks. Give yourself a little extra time to take care of your hair.


Sleep is very much important for natural beauty. When you get a good sleep your skin rejuvenates, making it a youthful and glowing. But when your body doesn’t get enough sleep, you end up with bags and dull tired skin.


Your skin needs a little help to look flawless without makeup. You need to feed it with proper nutrients, vitamins and drink lots of water. Eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, and proteins is really helpful to have a balanced nutrition. Try to cut on sugar, smoking and alcohol. Taking care of you is an essential way to look beautiful inside and out.


You can enhance the beauty of your eyes by focusing on your lashes. Do not use those mascara tubes, girls instead all you need is an eyelash curler and some Vaseline. Curling your eyelashes naturally is quick and easy way to make your eyes pop. Then swipe a little Vaseline to make your lashes look longer and fuller!


The trick to always have a youthful glow is by protecting the skin. You can avoid wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots by using a daily moisturizer with SPF. Wear your sunscreen even when it is gloomy outside, as harmful rays can still damage your skin. You will thank yourself twenty years from now for thinking about the health of your skin.


Since your smile is the first thing people will notice, hence take good care of it. Visit the dentist regularly, wear your retainer at night if you have, brush, floss, and whiten. You don’t need to go for the expensive whitening strips, which are even harmful sometimes. Whitening toothpaste and mouthwash works the same!