We run through our everyday lives doing everyday activities with everyday items. For the rich people, these everyday things need a touch of glamour, sophistication and a sparkle of gold which we can't even think of. Here are 10 ridiculously expensive versions of everyday items for you if you have ever been curious about the luxury items which only rich people can afford:


The iPhone holds the largest share of the smartphone market
as of late 2015 and that's not really Surprising. Many people are walking along the street with iPhones in their pockets .Each generation customize their phones as per their taste some uses attractive covers and some can go with whatever strikes out fancy to them. Little overboard however like the person that designed a very special iPhone the world's most expensive iPhone 5 features a 24 karat gold casing more than 600 white and black diamonds and sapphire glass for the screen this certainly isn't available to the general public and even the wealthiest celebrities may faint at the price tag it costs roughly fifteen point three million dollars.


2.Door stops
 Variety of door stops are there in the market which are easily available at very affordable prices.However there are most costly designs available as well. Designer Tobias Wong originally from Vancouver Canada creates concrete doorstops worth $3500 to craft.It is the most expensive door stops available .12 in total are purchased and one was even purchased by the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco in 2007.


3.Ear Buds 
After a hectic day we all feel like relaxing listening some music,watching some netflix more often people uses ear buds for this purpose but do you know there are also ear buds made up of diamonds .Belgian jeweler Cassady felt that cheap white plastic earbuds were not suited for high-end clients.So with 18 karat gold and 118 diamonds she created the world's most expensive earbuds.


 On cold winters night there are very few things that can make you feel better like sitting in front of a roaring fire with hot coffee and wearing a warm pair of socks.Socks are available in many designs and colors and now a days people even gift pair of socks in winters however not many would expect to receive a pair worth $1,188. A German luxury knitwear brand called Falcon uses the ultra fine hair of of the Peruvian vicuna and makes the lavish socks out of it,now the high prices make more sense. This socks are only available in golden brown color which is the color of vicuna.


Dentist always tells us to brush our teeth atleast twice a day and in order to achieve this we have many options to choose from electric toothbrushes ,soft bristles ,hard bristles,whitening toothpaste,sensitive toothpastes mint flavors ,cinnamon flavors,mouthwash the list goes on and on thankfully most oral hygiene products are fairly inexpensive especially when you consider the fact that you should be replacing your toothbrush every three to four months. But none of us have paid $100 for it and thats were theodent 300 comes. one of the most expensive toothpastes and this luxury toothpaste does not contain fluoride in it. Instead it promises to strengthen your enamel. It is made up of cocoa giving tooth paste a chocolaty taste and comes in a white tube with golden cap.



6.Toilet Seat  
Honestly no one much care about the toilet seats the only thing we check is its clean enough to use and people who prefer fancy toilet seats many options are also available in market.But do you know the most expensive toilet seat is made up of carbon fiber .These seats are extra ordinary which are hand made using carbon fiber and foam.They are light weight strong and fits most of the household toilets and they are made up of same material which are used in exotic cars like ferrari and lamborghini.It costs nearly $300


7.Royal flush
 A company by the name of HEADHUNTER INC. Sells full carbon fiber toilets as well and it is called as royal flush.The whole package costs around $10,000 which includes a carbon fiber seat in it.


8.Toilet paper 
Talking about toilets how can we forget about the most important thing ‘the toilet paper’. It is very commonly used and all the toilet papers that are available are nearly of same kind but who knew that there are gold toilet papers also available in the market.It contains 24 carat gold throughout the roll and each time its used goldflakes falls on the ground.They have produced only one such toilet paper so far which costs around $1.5 million.


 Now a days keyboards are very commonly used and many companies makes keyboards.All you need is 26 letters ten numbers and various symbols.No matter how fancy the keyboard is it is anyway made up of plastic.Wait you may not be always right.Goku Kawa has made a beautiful black leather keyboard which costs around 603 dollars and it is one of the most expensive keyboards.


10.Instant Noodles 

We all are very much familiar with noodles.Its a very easy to cook and delicious snack which hardly cost anything to purchase unless you shop it from Harrods a famous department store in UK who invented the most luxurious pot noodles back in 2008.The posh noodles cost around $50.It comes in gold-leafed pot. Buyers would also receive a fork and table linen with their purchase to add to their charm.

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