Barbie dolls have been an idol for girls for a quite a long time. Undoubtedly, many girls in the world tried to look like them, most failed and only few succeeded. 

Most of these girls achieved that kind of look by spending a pocketful of money on plastic surgery, by applying dozens of makeup, and they gloss over every pic to look like true Barbies. But the fact that they’re all real living humans, makes it  worth of some attention. 

We’re presenting a list of 10 girls that have made themselves look exactly like dolls. The ten best Real Life Barbies:


1. Valeria Lukyanova
This Ukrainian beauty has got naturally green eyes which she enhances with contact lenses. She claims to have breast implant but the rest of the body totally natural. Valeria says she achieved that kind of body with daily workout and a special diet.


2. Angelica Kenova
This beautiful girl from Russia was treated  and dressed like a princess when she was a child. She says, “My parents never let me go for a walk or communicate with boys. I don’t have the regular adulting experience. I’m not created for real life. I’m just a living doll. While she isn’t any kind of celebrity but is quite popular on Facebook due to her looks. She got some 20k followers on Facebook alone.


3. Dakota Rose
Dakota Rose is very popular on the internet for being a Barbie-Girl obviously. But she claims claims that her appearance is not the result of plastic surgery but the right makeup and clothing. She lives in Tokyo because most of her fans are from Japan. 


4. Nannette Hammond
Nannette Hammond spent $500,000 to look like Barbie. The mother of 5 from the USA says she always collected dolls and dreamed of resembling one of them. Her first surgery was at the age of 21. This eccentric woman is now 43, and yet she looks amazing.


5. Anastasiya Shpagina
This girl is a real makeup artist. In her YouTube videos, she easily becomes Sherlock, Jack Sparrow, Justin Bieber, and others. Her doll appearance is also the result of skillful makeup.



6. Duckie Thot
After appearing on Australia’s Next Top Model, the dark-skinned Barbie-like model is known all over the world. Thanks to her unusual looks, Duckie Thot doesn’t only have thousands of fans around the globe but also appears on the covers of world-famous Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.


7. Amber Guzman
Amber Guzman turned into a real-life doll because of muscular dystrophy. The girl says that her Barbie image saved her life. Amber imagined herself as a toy, always needing help even in moving.


8. Lil Miquela
Who is it: a real person or a character from "The Sims"? There is much fuss about Lil Miquela, the Instagram model from LA. Some specialists in animated graphics claim that Lil is a combination of real photos and a 3D-model.


9. Venus Palermo
At 15, Venus Palermo has grown into her doll obsession rather than out of it. Under the screen name Venus Angelic, the London-based teenager posts beauty tutorials on YouTube for fans who want to look like her. But that's not why she's the latest viral video star. It's because she looks like a living doll.


10. Alodia Gosiengfiao 
Alodia is a 28 years old Filipino cosplayer, singer, TV presenter and actress. She has been ranked as sexiest and most influential Filipino women multiple-times. She is fond of art, fashion, gadgets, video games, photography, collecting toys and figures such as BJDs, and plays the piano. Alodia certainly is a multi-talented woman, but the best part about this person has to be her incredibly beautiful Barbie Doll-like look.


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