In the Cafe, we can gather, eat, chat and spend a quality of time with our friends. The interior design of a cafe is usually made with extra efforts so that visitors feel happy. However, the design is still in reasonable form. What if the cafe design is made unreasonable? Are you still interested to visit it? Lets see the 10 Most Weird Cafe With Unique Service


1.Boys Love Academy – Japan

Japan should officially be known as the land of themed cafes. From cat cafes to owl cafes, character cafes and maid cafe. There’s even a cafe where you can pay 980 yen to get two young men to share a stick of Pocky. Mouth to mouth. The staff are split into three grades, just like in a real high school, and customers can tell which “year” the staff is simply dressed and wears a necktie. Different color neckties have different meaning. Freshmen sport red ties, sophomores wear blue, while third-years have pink ties. In Boys Love Academy, customers are students, just like the staff, and first time visitors start off as freshmen. A student card is issued to all customers, and it can be used to accumulate points on each visit. The accumulated points entitle customers to receive special services such as birthday surprises and even a staged love confession scene from any two staff.

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2.The Snuggery –  Rochester, New York

Get your cuddle on in the New York cafe. Jacqueline established The Snuggery because she believes in the healing power of touch. The Snuggery is a place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and focus on the simple restorative pleasure of touch. Customers can rent "non-sexual" cuddle time with "professional snugglers" for between 30 minutes or all night. The cafe apparently serves nothing else, just the company of their employees.  

10 Most Weird Cafe With Unique Service - Askiguru


3.The Sweatshop – Paris, France

Since hardly any one knows how to shorten a hem, fix a button, or take in a seam, you can find a retoucheur on practically every Parisian corner. But all that is about to change, thanks to Sweat Shop, a new creative collective in the residential 10th whose mission is to teach Parisians how to make and customize their own clothes. The Sweatshop combines coffee and crafts, making for a much more productive cafe-loitering experience than we're used to. Rent a sewing machine by the hour and learn a new skill while sipping your coffee.

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4.Cat Cafe – Tokio

If you are a cat lover you should check out this unique Cat Cafe in Tokio. Nekorobi is a nice friendly and relaxed spot to hang out and has eleven resident cats you can make friends with. You'll find the usual collection of cat toys climbing trees, hideaway spots ,and cardboard boxes along with low-rise cat level seats in the room.For entertainment there are a few games to  play and their is a a large screen TV in one corner plays a slideshow of cat pictures.

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5.Naked Sushi – Amsterdam

Naked sushi literally serves sushi on the female body. This decadent method of sushi presentation on body was originated in Japan and is referred as Nyotaimori . Naked sushi can assure you that it will be a meal you’ll never forget! Basically the model is generally expected to lie still at all times and not talk with guests. The sushi is placed on sanitized leaves on the model's body to prevent skin-to-fish contact and on sufficiently flat areas of the body off so thst sushi doesn't fall off.

More of, champagne and shakes are served in naked sushi restaurants. Guests are expected to be respectful and follow the strict decorum. Talking with the models is highly discouraged. Inappropriate gestures or comments are not tolerated and dinners can only pick up sushi with chopsticks, although rules in some restaurants are less strict. For example, in some restaurants guests can nibble nori rolls off nipples if they choose.

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6.Heart Attack grill – Las Vegas

The Heart Attack Grill is an American hamburger restaurant in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada (formerly located in Tempe, Arizona). It makes a point of serving as unhealthy food as possible, that is, food which would cause a heart attack. The menu has items such as "flatliner fries" cooked in pure lard and 8,000 calorie burgers, as well as cigarettes, alcohol, "butterfat milkshakes," full-sugar Coca Cola, and candy cigarettes for children. Since it opened in 2005, Heart Attack Grill has featured servers and staff dressed in sexed-up medical garb (none are actually trained doctors or nurses). Patrons eat free if they weigh over 350 pounds — and agree to weigh themselves in front of a cheering crowd on a livestock scale.

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7.The Laundromat Cafe – Copenhagen

Bring your laundry, put it in the machine and grab a drink. As well as a full menu, there are more than 40 types of beer to have while sitting and watching the spin cycle. Not only this, The Laundromat Cafe stocks thousands of books and the guests can also enjoy free wireless Internet connection.

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8.Photography Cafes – Philippines

Photography cafe focuses on vintage cameras and photography. The tumblers are made of camera lenses (real actual lenses) and so are the lighting fixtures. However, the place is small in size and have limited chairs, but the ambience just captures enough of the shutterbug vibe. The menu includes plenty of sweet treats from banana matcha frappe, red velvet cupcakes, and cookies, and creme frappe for very affordable prices. The sizes even go by pixel and megapixel. Students will enjoy this cafe like they enjoy their selfies and Instagram.

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9.Vampire Cafe – Tokyo

Want to experience a horrror dinner with the mysterious atmosphere? Then you should check out the Vampire's café located in the middle of Tokyo, Japan.The vampire decorations will make you feel like you're visiting Dracula's house covered wall-to-wall with red velvet.Waiters

take orders in tuxedos and waitresses in French maid outfits. Everything is crafted to create a scary dining atmosphere. The below lights,the candles,atop coffins flicker with a supernatural aura sets the mood and make the environmnet scary.

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10.Topless Waitstaff- MELBOURNE

If you're looking for something really amazing and out of the box cafe than you must check this out. A cafe in melbourne have topless waitresses, topless barmaids, nude waitresses and nude barmaids. All girls are young, fresh, outgoing,bubbly and ready to attend all the customers. Some of the topless waitresses are also available for poker dealing at poker nights. Those topless babes are happy to mingle with all the guests while serving up snacks, hot food, beer, cocktails and wine. Basically whatever they have to serve the girls will do it with a smile.

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