Wouldn't it be amazing if Photoshop existed in everyday life? Beyond the obvious advantages of being able to edit out blemishes, just think of the make-over you could give the world around you! We have got something so beautiful you won’t believe that it actually exist! See the world in a whole new way as you get an eyeful of these rad animals! By the time you're done pouring over this list, you'll swear that Mother Nature is a total Photoshop Queen.


Nature is filled with beautiful animals, plants and insects, with splendid colors and shapes. Of these endless flora and fauna, I’ve selected 10 of which I consider the most colorful and beautiful specimen. These birds, fish, insects, lizards and mammals are so spectacular, it’s hard to believe they’re real.


Below Askiguru have assembled 10 Most Spectacularly Colorful Animals you’ve never heard of:


1.Poison Dart Frogs

Many colorful animals are also poisonous. Their bright markings serve as a warning to predators to “stay away!” Such is the case for the poison dart frog. Many scientists believe that the frog’s poison comes from synthesizing the bugs they eat. The species that have great toxicity derive this from their diet of ants, mites and termites.

10 Most Spectacularly Colorful Animals - Askiguru


2.Blue Ringed Octopus

These bright blue polka dotted marine creatures are known to be some of the most deadly animals on the planet. Despite their small size—12 to 20 cm (5 to 8 in)—and relatively docile nature, they are dangerous to humans. They contain a toxin powerful enough to kill a full grown human. They’re native to the Indian and Pacific oceans from Australia to Japan.

10 Most Spectacularly Colorful Animals - Askiguru


3.Clown Fish

Nemo, is that you? The cute clown fish has been forever celebrity in popular culture as the basis for Pixar’s Finding Nemo namesake. In real life, the fish live in coral reefs or shallow lagoons in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and even in the Red Sea. They are small fish and reach an adult size of between 4-6 (10-15 cm) inches depending on the species. Also, note that some clownfish can be somewhat aggressive, especially toward members of their own species and genus.

10 Most Spectacularly Colorful Animals - Askiguru


4.Panther Chameleon

Chameleons are known for their color changing ways and this particular tropical forest habitant is no different. Chameleons aren’t born with the capability to change to any color or environment. Instead, each species has a range of color options, depending on their native environment’s temperature and light. Male panther chameleons can grow up to 20 inches (51 cm) in length, with a typical length of around 17 inches (43 cm). Females are smaller, at about half the size.

10 Most Spectacularly Colorful Animals - Askiguru


5.Mandarin Dragonet Fish

It is a small, brightly colored member of the dragonet family. These little guys are popular aquarium fish— and you can see why. Their bright colors and colorful markings are a definite attention grabber. Though many people want to include them in their aquarium families, they’re notoriously picky eaters and will often refuse to eat fish food and prefer most probably wild things.

10 Most Spectacularly Colorful Animals - Askiguru


6.Lilac-Breasted Roller

The lilac-breasted roller is an African member of the roller family of birds. This bird has turquoise, blue, green, tan, pink, and lavender feathers. Unlike the peacock, both males and females share the vivid coloring, although the reason for its bright colors is unknown. In the field, these crow-sized rollers are often perched alone on a tree in a grassy clearing. The diet of the lilac-breasted roller is primarily insectivorous, consisting of ground-dwelling insects, arthropods, amphibians, and other small vertebrates.

10 Most Spectacularly Colorful Animals - Askiguru


7.Mandarin Duck

The mandarin duck is a genuine hodgepodge of colors featuring blue, green, orange, white, and purple. Like the peacock, it’s dimorphic, meaning that the females look considerably different than their male counterparts. However, the male only has its bright plumage during mating season in order to attract a mate. Afterward, he molts, boasting only a bright-orange beak while the rest of his body becomes shades of brown.

10 Most Spectacularly Colorful Animals - Askiguru



The parrotfish, depending on the species, boasts turquoise, bright green, pink, blue, or orange coloring that changes according to its age. The most exciting thing about this fish, other than its beak-like mouth, is its development. Most species of this fish are sequential hermaphrodites, which mean they begin life as females and later become males toward the end. This sexual change also signals a color change.

10 Most Spectacularly Colorful Animals - Askiguru


9.Peacock Mantis Shrimp

There are over 400 different species of Mantis Shrimp. Like its namesake, the peacock mantis shrimp also boasts iridescent blues and greens, but it has a great deal of red along its legs. More than the color of its shell, the peacock mantis shrimp is known for its incredibly fast and strong club-like appendages that make a punching motion in order to kill other shelled animals for food. Not only can its punch break a shell, but it can also break glass. They catch their dinner mainly by ambush but do occasionally go out and hunt for it. Their main diet is made up of snails, slugs, crabs and clams,which they smash with incredible force to get to the meat inside the shell of their prey. 

10 Most Spectacularly Colorful Animals - Askiguru


10.Blue Racer Snake

The Blue Racer’s formal name is Coluber constrictor but despite this, they normally simply pin their prey to the ground and swallow them alive. Their range extends from Canada including eastern regions of Pelee Island to the north and Mexico, Guatemala and, Belize in the south. These snakes are very intolerant to human activity for this reason they prefer to live in areas with fewer human habitations.

10 Most Spectacularly Colorful Animals - Askiguru



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