Of course, many people have often heard the saying (but never really payed any attention to it) that driving is one of the most dangerous things we do in our daily lives. But since the invention of the modern automobile, we have been in love with our cars, trucks and motorcycles. It’s hard to think how we could function on a daily basis without a personal car around to take us to the grocery store, movie theatre or over to a friend’s house.

Even after knowing how difficult it is to drive a car we still drive it. Indeed, getting behind the wheel of your ride and heading off to work or some other destination can be very dangerous. But riding on the below mentioned roads can be deadly. We've got places nicknamed "the highway of death," "death road," and there is even one road whose name literally translates to "the road that tolerates no mistakes."


Askiguru have scanned the globe to discover the 15 most dangerous roads you can travel


1. Passage of Gois, France

The Passage du Gois is also known as goa. It is a natural, periodically flooded passage leading to the island of Noirmoutier in France. It is located between Île de Noirmoutier and Beauvoir-sur-Mer, in the department of Vendée. It is flooded twice a day by the high tide. Length of this track is 4.125 km. At first glance you might think that it's not a bad road to drive and you can very easily drive on it as you might be doing it on other roads. But after you wait a few hours and your opinion will change as the tide comes in and causes the entire road to vanish. Twice a day this road is underwater and any car that unfortunate their crossing are going with it. Even if you time the tides just right, driving this road can be a change because its wet and covered in seaweed which can make it as slippery as ice.

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2.Atlanterhavsvein – Norway

The Atlanterhavsein is popularly known as the Atlantic ocean road and is located in Norway. This roads views are amazingly gorgeous, but do not let that distract you from the important risks that it poses. The road is built on small islands which stretch for roughly 5 miles. What this means is that if you crash, you are going straight into the ocean. So if you want to drive on this road better learn swimming first. Water poses a constant risk, as the waves are constantly crashing up against the roadway and as you can imagine, that greatly increases the chances of hydroplaning. Not to mention that even if you are just a pedestrian, it looks like you better be ready for your offhand surfing lesson. Despite the dangers, this part of Norway is still recognized by many magazines and books as one of the best places to take a road trip.

10 Most Dangerous Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On - Askiguru


3. Tarkoko Gorge Road, Taiwan,

The Taroko Gorge Road in Taiwan is just like Guoliang Tunnel road mountain route made by carving out rocks. Despite its name, the Central Cross-Island Highway is a narrow and winding mountain road, and only a bus can barely pass by at a time. Yes you can it's a true masterpiece, as it cuts through the mountains and joins the East and West Coast. It’s full of blind curves, sharp turns, and narrow paths leading through cliffs and mountains. This  road is widely considered to be the country’s deadliest stretch of roadway carved into, and sometimes through, the mountainous terrain, this road faces significantly erosion and landslides thanks to heavy rain and earthquakes.

10 Most Dangerous Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On - Askiguru


4.Stelvio Pass – Italy

When you are planning a trip in Italy there are ample of beautiful things to see. But if you want to make sure you can enjoy all of those things, then one of the first steps is making sure you are, you know, alive. And the easiest way to ensure that may be to avoid taking a trip on Stelvio Pass. The 15-mile long road contains 48 hairpin turns and at areas requires drivers to pull off 180-degree corners. The road is also going to test your fear of heights, as at one point it stretches upwards of 9,000 feet. If you want to get an idea how dangerous the road is? You literally make out from its strict rules. You can only drive on it from June to September. This is to assure that drivers are only on the road during optimal weather conditions.

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5.Eyre Highway Australia

Eyre Highway is a 1,660-kilometre highway linking Western Australia and South Australia via the Nullarbor Plain. The construction of the East–West Telegraph line in the 1870s, along Eyre's route, resulted in a hazardous trail that could be followed for interstate travel. It was named after explorer Edward John Eyre, who was the first European to cross the Nullarbor by land, in 1840–1841. Eyre Highway runs from Norseman in Western Australia, past Eucla, to the state border. Continuing to the South Australian town of Ceduna, it then crosses the top of the Eyre Peninsula before reaching the city of Port Augusta in South Australia.

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6. Karakoram highway, Pakistan

At a height of 15,397 ft. above sea level, the Karakoram Highway is the highest paved international road. It is also considered as the 8th wonder of the world. You can have the most terrifying drive on this road. The highway connects Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region to China’s Xinjiang region  Naturally being a mountainous route, this road is dangerous to begin with. Add in heavy fog, sudden blizzards and flooding and you have a terrifying drive. It doesn’t end there, however, as bandits and terrorists are known to camp out near certain sections of the road, always ready to strike an unsuspecting target. Even if you can handle all of this the highway is so high above sea level that some drivers suffer from altitude sickness thanks to the thin air. So if you are planning to risk your life by going on this highway better be insured first.

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7.The Leh-Manali Highway – Northen India

If you are afraid of heights then don't even think about going on this highway. Because we probably don't have to spend a long time convincing you as to why the Leh-Manali highway is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world. After all, it's the highest one on Earth! Stretching upwards at an astounding height of 11,578 feet, you can imagine that is a long way down to think about your poor driving choices if you make the wrong move. To make the road all the more awful, you get the pleasure of driving on what is essentially collapsing dirt that you can see fall off behind you as you go. Regular drivers are not often found on this road (which connects India and Tibet), but tourist buses have been known to travel on it – which essentially means that as well as having an absolutely terrifying road ahead of you, and don't forget you also are a passenger in a bus full of people that are probably losing their minds in every 2 to 5 seconds.

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8.Karnali Highway – Nepal

The Karnali Highway stretches out for 155 miles in Nepal. It is one of the most dangerous roads. ofcourse, this is why it's in the list. The road is integral for people living in Surkhet who depend on the town of Jumla for survival. When there was a monsoon back in 2010 that led to a closure of the highway, several people in the town of Surkhet died as a result of starvation before the road and they were forced to open the road again. When you learn that 64% of the population in Surkhet live in poverty, you may further understand the vital importance of this dangerous road. When an investigation was done back in 2011 as to the safety of the road, it found that more than 85% of it remained significantly unsafe. It was found that every single year around 50people die but still people prefer travelling through this road out of poverty.



9.Patiopoulo Perdikaki, Greece

It is one of the most challenging road and a true test of your vehicle and your stamina because the road abounds in twists and turns with wheels sometimes hanging above the cliff. This road in the Agrafa region of Greece is renowned for its numerous hazards! The road is either a steep climb or descent with minimal grip. It is extremely narrow with severe drops on either side of the sloping track and there are no barriers to stop weary travellers from plummeting to their doom! . It's narrow, filled with potholes, lacking guardrails, and is very slippery especially when it rains. If you really want to risk your life which we won't advice to do so – ride it at night, there are no lights to guide your way at all.


10 Most Dangerous Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On - Askiguru


10.Luxor-al-Hurghada, Egypt

The road that links the ancient city of Luxor in southern Egypt and Hurghada, the regional hub for several scuba diving resorts on the Red Sea, is a death trap. This road is not on the list because of its quality or its zig zag danger or narrow road. But the use of this road can be extremely dangerous for two reasons. It's extremely dangerous with many head-on collisions and fatal accidents due to drivers not turning on their head lights. Drivers will often ride at night and speed at insane levels to get through it as quickly as possible and the reason is a little more terrifying than the road itself. The reason is bandits. Along the road are groups of bandits and thieves who prey on cars as they drive along it. In the day, cars are visible and easy targets because of the distance between any police presence. At night, they're harder to see, but this means they're harder to see for anyone and so head on collisions are a very common thing.
10 Most Dangerous Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On - Askiguru



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