Humanity seems to be heading towards the future really fast. All of us are learning new things every day, however, there are some things that we believe in which seem to be stuck in time. Some myths that we have heard from our parents or even generations before have remained as big misconceptions even nowadays. 


Askiguru has discovered 10 Health Lies We Still Believe


1.An apple a day keeps the doctor away

In a perfect world, this would be awesome! Apples do contain Vitamin C and fiber, but your body needs a whole lot more than that to ensure it stays away from the doctor.

10 Health Lies We Still Believe - Askiguru


2.Stress Causes Grey Hair

People think that going through huge stress and tension causes the hair to turn grey, and this in turn causes an increase in tension that they take. The myth is nothing more than a misconception. Scientists say that color of your hair depends on the genetic attributes rather than the stress factors. So relax, you are not turning into a grandfather while waiting for you exam results.

10 Health Lies We Still Believe - Askiguru


3.Chewing Gum Takes Ten Years To Leave Your Body

We’ve all heard this tale a fair a couple of times. Your mother probably did it to stop you from swallowing your chewing gum every day. Thankfully the legend is definitely false and you don’t have a chunk of assembled gum sitting in your stomach. It passes through your body like any other food.

10 Health Lies We Still Believe - Askiguru


4.Coffee Causes Dehydration

Many people are fan of coffee. It is like the most important part of your day. Whereas, many believe that coffee and caffeinated drinks cause dehydration through excessive urination, the reality is that any effect is negligible, and certainly not enough to dehydrate you as part of a normal lifestyle.

10 Health Lies We Still Believe - Askiguru


5.Chocolate Can Give You Acne??

Chocolate lovers will love this one,no chocolate does not cause acne. Too much oil bacteria and dead skin calls do now. We don't advice that you should go crazy and eat as much chocolate as you want all day,everyday. Why not because it can have other negative side effects like diabetes and tooth decay but not ACNE.

10 Health Lies We Still Believe - Askiguru


6.Drink 8 Glasses Of Water a Day

It’s believed the drinking 8 glasses of water a day is good for your health.This myth began in 1945 when the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council confirmed that we should be taking in 2.5 liters of water every day, which is roughly 8 glasses or 2/3rd of a gallon. The media and health “experts” ran with that but didn’t seem to add the fact that so much of our liquid is taken in from our foods that we eat. Some fruits and veggies are made up of 90% water and eating food like soups also aid in upping our liquid intake.

10 Health Lies We Still Believe - Askiguru


7.Milk Is Good For You??

What! They are lying to me about milk. Evidently we were wrong to associate drinking milk with strong bones and a enough amount of calcium in the body. The most recent studies like Harved Nurse Health Study claim that there is no association of milk intake with healthy bones.

10 Health Lies We Still Believe - Askiguru


8.Brown Sugar Is Better Than White Sugar

Though the difference in colour between the two substances is indeed caused by the increased number of minerals in brown sugar, this is not explanation for calling it healthier. The difference in mineral numbers is so minuscule that the nutritional content is virtually the same for both types.

10 Health Lies We Still Believe - Askiguru


9.Wet Hair And Cold Weather Makes You Sick

This is a bit of an old wife’s tail that believes if you leave the house with wet hair on a cold day, you will get sick! Here’s the thing… germs and viruses make you sick. You might feel uncomfortable and cold with your wet hair, but unless you pick up a virus, chances of you getting sick are slim to none.

10 Health Lies We Still Believe - Askiguru


10.Carrots Are Good For Sight Improvement

Eating carrots will improve your sight was also one of the things our grandparents and parents used to say to us. However, even though the carrot is providing necessary vitamins for the retina it is not supernatural and can’t improve your sight.

10 Health Lies We Still Believe - Askiguru



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