We had no idea that turning a vintage pillowcase into a cute skirt in a matter of minutes is that easy! All you need to do is, lay the pillowcase you want to use pattern-side down, and fold back of the top about 1/2 inch and bottom 2- 1/2 inches. Iron these folds down to make it settle and tight stitch them, then through the top 1/2 inch opening thread a length of elastic. If you would like, sew a trim on top of the bottom hemmed stitching.


Cut two pieces of oil cloth and of felt into rectangular shapes that are about 2- 1/2 inches wider than the size of your phone and about 1- 1/2 inches longer than the phone. Stitch the top of one oil cloth to the top of one piece of fabric, and do it for the other pair as well. Then lay the two pieces with the patterned sides of the oil cloths touching in the middle. Sew all the sides down except the edge that includes the stitches used to fuse the cloths and felt originally, and then turn inside out.


Cut a funky piece fabric of at least 3 inches wide and about 5 inches longer than the kid's waist. At one end, fold the fabric a bit and then one more at the same distance again, and stitch into that place. On the other side, fold the fabric over two D shaped rings and hem it like before. To use it slide the other end of the belt through both D rings, then over the first D ring and then under the second.


Infinity scarves are simply great-looking and a very comfortable fashion trend. Making your own infinity scarf is even simpler. Just get about 1- 1/2 yards of fabric and width-wise cut it into two half. Put the two strips side to side so that the short ends are touching and then stitch them together. Now you get one long strip, fold it in half length-wise and stitch the whole length closed. Finally, turn one end out like you're cuffing a sleeve and tuck the other end into it and stitch.


Whether you need to be sure that you have carried your favorite shade of lipstick or you are with fighting cracked lips and you need your chap stick all the time around you, this handy keychain holder is the perfect accessory to have. Find a small piece of fabric in any pattern you like, and cut it to about 3.1/2 by 9 inches. Length-wise fold it into half and stitch the opening shut, then the bottom can be hemmed and folding it upwards so that there is an inch left at the top, and then stitch both sides of the part you just folded up. Finally, you need to add a hem to the top so you can slide a key ring through it.


Making your own oven mitts is really easy and simple; the hardest part is cutting and giving it the unique shape. Cut four pieces of fabric from two each pattern and two pieces of thermal interfacing in an oven mitt pattern, then stack them so the fabric you want to show is in the middle with the patterned sides touching, sandwiched by the interfacing, and finally the inner fabric pieces. Stitch along the whole pattern except the opening, cut away any excess fabric, and turn it inside out. Stitch bias tapes long the bottom to finish it up.


Easily make a drawstring bag of any size depending on the fabric you use. Cut a long rectangle of material and make a small button hole 3 1/4 inches from the top, then fold the rectangle in half to make the bag shape. Stitch up the long side with French seams. Now, fold the top under to just above the button hole, and then again to just below the whole and stitch both down. Finally, thread a ribbon through the buttonhole and you're done!


Cut out two pieces of fabric, one which is 26 by 41 inches for the main pillowcase and one that is 11 by 41 inches for the border. Fold the border fabric in half length-wise and iron down the fold, then sew the open end of the folded border down to one end of the larger fabric piece. Sew all the way around the pillowcase and iron down your seams.


Find two fabric patterns which are coordinating to each other and then cut four even rectangles two from each fabric; Use fusible fleece to fuse both rectangles of a pattern, and then sew the pieces together with both fleece rectangles on the outside and the two other pieces inside, leaving one short end unstitched. Turn inside out and fold back a little bit of the top and stitch down.


Cut a long piece of fabric, and fuse it with fusible fabric. Fold it into half in width-wise and then stitch the length closed. Now, fold it length-wise in half and attach fob hardware to the open end with pliers.