Don’t waste your earnings on expensive products recommended by dermatologist to clear up your face. Apple cider vinegar is helpful, crazy, cheap and an awesome toner. It gives you an even skin tone, decreases pores, making your skin soft and fades scars. Famous celebrity Scarlett Johansson has been singing the praises of apple cider vinegar for years.


Coconut oil has been termed as the only oil alone with so many benefits and uses, out of all makeup removers being one. Forget the store bought “oil-free” remover and pick up a container of natural and organic coconut oil. It cleanses the skin and removes stubborn eye makeup in a gentle way. It can also act as double the body lotion. So it’s a win-win situation with one oil used in multiple ways can be good to your pocket.


Do you wake up with under eye bags? Before you decide to wear your sunglasses all day or pile on with the concealer, instead try this simple and convenient trick. Take two green tea bags and allow them to soak them in water. Keep them in the freezer until they become cool and then place them on your eyes for a few minutes. The caffeine present in the green tea constricts the blood vessels which help to get rid of the bags.


Every girl knows the headache and pain in getting the perfect winged eyeliner. It’s not straight nor it’s swooped enough, they actually are uneven, so and so the complaints go on and on. To get a flawless and quick cat eye use a small piece of tape can be used as stencil for applying your eyeliner. Place the tape at the corners of your eye at the perfect angle you want. And there you go with an effortlessly perfect look!


Baking soda works miracles when it comes to give the pearl white. Sprinkle a little baking soda onto your toothpaste while brushing your teeth. You will immediately notice huge difference. Some toothpaste advertises baking soda as one of their ingredients but what’s the need of spending extra money when you can make your own at home for half the cost?


Who does not want skin like silk smooth? Adding a little brown sugar to your body wash for a sweet, cheap and helpful scrub. The granules of sugar have magical exfoliating power that helps to get rid of all the loose and dead skin. You will never have to deal with rough scaly skin again.


Love wearing dark nails polishes, but hate what it does to your nails after that? If you are addicted to dark polish addiction and suffer from yellow nails that show it, then you must listen up to this trick! Use whitening toothpaste that you use on your teeth and a cheap toothbrush to scrub your nails beautiful again! Those yellow stains will come right off.


Shaving cream really does help when it comes to getting a close shave but it can be pretty expensive. If you are running out of shaving cream, you can opt for hair conditioner that works just the same. In fact it acts as a double moisturizer! Your legs are going to feel so smooth and so soft! You might never turn back to use shaving cream again.


Getting a plump pout like Angelina without spending over your life savings for expensive and risky collagen injections? This is surely a bad option. Instead of pumping harmful chemicals into your luscious lips, trying natural peppermint oil is far better. Place a few drops of it on your favorite lip-gloss. You will notice the difference definitely.


Everyone loves bronzer, but it is a worst nightmare for every light colored shirt’s. Makeup acts very stubborn when it gets on your clothes. Washing it sometimes helps to get rid of it, but it’s no guarantee that it will be gone. Try rubbing the stain with a little shaving cream next time before you put it to wash. The makeup comes off right away!