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4 Benefits Of Placing Onions On Your Feet While Sleeping

If you are told that there are many points in your feet that can affect most of your internal organs, how will you react? You won’t believe it. However, you should not only believe but should understand it well, so continue reading. Till the time you finish reading, you will


6 Impressive Health Benefits of Tamarind

Tamarind health benefits includes supporting a healthy heart, managing diabetes, boosting immune system, helps prevent heat stroke, support weight loss, aids development of muscle and nerves, support digestion and helps prevent ulcer. Other benefits includes preventing cancer, slow down aging process, and help fight cold and flu.   Askiguru has


5 Ways Milk Cream Can Change The Way Your Skin Looks

While few of us love the thought of some yummy cream floating on top of our milk glasses, while some are disgusted even at the idea of a hint of malai entering their mouth. Whether you love it or you hate it, you will be surprised to know the beauty


6 Weird Fashion Accessories

Fashion defines who you are! Over the years, fashion has changed and captured its place in the world. Be it men or women, everyone wants to be fashionable. However, sometimes we may pick up something that is irregular. The edge to which one can adapt to irregular fashion also depends on