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6 Things at Home We’d Better Get Rid Of

Your home is a comfortable place where you should feel comfortable and secure. But sometimes we also keep waste and dangerous things that take a lot of space and it also negatively affect our health.   Askiguru has discovered 6 Things at Home We’d Better Get Rid Of:   1.Plastic Dishware


Health Benefits of Blood Donation

Blood is a primary necessity for each one of us. Essential for the living and maintaining body mechanisms, blood provides nutrition to body tissues and the organs. There are countless reasons as to why one needs blood. The need for blood may develop out of medical conditions, injury, road traffic


Try these Fantastic Effective Ways to Get Silky, Soft Hair

How many times have you felt jealous of that sexy and long hair? Everyone has at some point or the other. While some people are born with good-looking hair, some are stuck with dull and frizzy hair. The growing pollution adds on to the hair trouble which makes it more


6 Weird Fashion Accessories

Fashion defines who you are! Over the years, fashion has changed and captured its place in the world. Be it men or women, everyone wants to be fashionable. However, sometimes we may pick up something that is irregular. The edge to which one can adapt to irregular fashion also depends on